Monday, May 29, 2017

Time To Put The Cards On The Table - Yours Truly Is Fed Up & Cheesed Off...

I took a much-needed day off yesterday, and by and large it was pretty nice. I did have a less-then optimal shopping experience at a big-box purveyor of consumer electronics - the old Onkyo tuner-selector-amplifier in the game room failed on start yesterday morning, which didn't surprise me in the least because the poor old thing was the Missus' from before we got married. Twenty-seven years of hard use, all across this continent, and I'm surprised that it lasted this long. So, off to get a replacement, which turned into quite the expedition; I had a good fifteen - twenty minutes in the store with no attention from the sales people (who were all chatting with each other, and not doing anything with the customers in the place) and after telephone consultation with Herself, we settled for the cheapest and most basic unit for the game room. It works fine, and will do what we want it to do, but the store missed an opportunity to 'up-sell the customer'. Discussing my dissatisfaction with the store proved to be impossible, as neither phone calls or their website led anywhere. So, we shrug our collective shoulders, and walk away; repeat sales there will be difficult for them...

Saturday's game was a lot of fun, and I truly enjoyed it; report and photos shortly. This was, I will be right up front about it, a game on my terms and not on other people's; I have made some decisions about some things that have been happening in my life over the last five years or so, and made some choices about my gaming. This has been precipitated by the event in Portland, to be blunt, and with your indulgence I'm going to take the velvet gloves off the iron fists and pull back the curtain to comment on a few things. Cards on the table time, as it were.

The Great Feud between the Arnesonians and the Gygaxians:

I'm tired of Dave's local supporters trying to stir up trouble down in Lake Geneva at Gary Con; I'll have no part of it, thank you, as I know quite well who did what when and I respect what those guys managed to do. There's been talk of doing a 'Dave Con' like Gary Con, but I doubt it'll ever happen; the people proposing this event have all the organizational ability of a colony of cherrystone clams. If Malia - or Luke and Ernie, for that matter - call, I'll be there for them, and not for the partisan fanatics. Get stuffed.

Religious Bigotry:

I've no patience for this. At all. I dropped an old friend of some forty years from my game group and from my life after she went on a tirade about 'Evangelical Christians' and how they were persecuting her. I hadn't seen any such activity, especially from the members of the game group who fit that description. For that matter, I'm Orthodox Christian, and was also Not Amused. I pointed all this out, and got another tirade to the same effect about 'The Burning Times". All right then; time to say goodby.

LGBTQIetc. Politics In Gaming:

On the one hand, the Tekumel Foundation's President claims that Tekumel is the one and only gay-friendly RPG setting, and that as "a bi-sexual person of color" only he can "properly interpret Tekumel" for the hoi polloi. On the other hand, the President of the North Country Gaylaxians, the Minnesota LGBTQIetc. F/SF fan group that puts on the Gaylaxicon convention, claims that Prof. Barker persecuted him because he's a a gay man, and that Phil hated him for being gay because the Professor was "a devout Muslim". I scent the smell of bovine fecal matter on the wind, as I never saw any of this in my years with Phil; it's now become a hot point in  [EDIT: local ]  Tekumel gaming, and my response is to tell everyone to go out back and settle the issue amongst themselves. Not in my basement, and not with my support.

Sexual Harassment And Assault:

Not tolerated, not here, not ever. Period. Grow up, get a life, and find some maturity. You're not welcome here, or at any event that I support or participate in.

I've been asked, many times, about why I don't do conventions or other public events. These are some of the reasons why; the Missus and I have limits to our time, energy, stamina, and money, an we do not feel the need to facilitate and enable these kinds of behaviors.

End of rant. We now return to our regular programming. Thanks for your patience!


  1. Good rant, and good points all the way around. Nobody needs negativity like that in their home when they are trying to have a good time. I never did understand the whole feud thing. probably because I live on the West Coast and it wasn't much of an issue.

    1. Thank you for your comment! Yes, The Great Feud is mostly a local thing here in the Upper Midwest, and I'm hoping that it stays that way.

      I'm simply tired of being told what I can and cannot do in my own home, in my own game room, with my own friends. My feeling is that if somebody doesn't like what I do, then they should find a game group / venue more to their liking.

  2. Gotta say I was baffled by the sudden uptick in the whole Gygax/Arneson feud recently. Could it have had something to do with the new graphic novel about Gygax?

    1. It has got a lot to do with the various 'origins of D&D' books and documentaries now in production, A lot of people who'd been largely unknown got interviewed for these, and it went to some folk's heads. the whole process has really soured me on giving any kind of interviews, as the resulting politics are a waste of my time, resources, and energy. It's a big factor in why I don;t go to conventions, unless friends are involved.

  3. Wow...I too have a 27-year-old Onkyo receiver, a TX-844 bought in 1989. Maybe 10 years ago one channel started to get wonky, but the replacement I bought shorted out in a cloud of smoke as soon as the warranty was expired. I had the old one repaired locally and it's playing happily in my sitting room today. If yours didn't melt down into slag, I'd advise you to get it fixed --- that was nearly the end of the era when Japanese audio equipment was built to last.

    1. The problem is in the amp's outputs, and The Missus has found a local repair shop. For all I know, it's a blown fuse, and we'll get the unit fixed - a lot of very fond memories of shows we did with it, as well as fun parties here at the house.

  4. it's now become a hot point in Tekumel gaming"
    Where? Maybe up there in Minneapolis, where there seems to be something schismatic in the water? Nothing about it on the yahoogroup email list, or the Tekumel social media groups.

  5. (Edit: I removed the duplicate comment; no editorial intent, just simple house cleaning.)

    Thank you for your really on the mark comment - 'all politics is local', as the saying goes, and I have edited my post to reflect this.

    You are quite right - Tekumel gaming of all sorts is much, much healthier outside the Twin Cities then it is in; as you comment, schisms in local fandom/gaming are endemic (and toxic) and have been with us for literally decades - the collapse of Minicon, The Finger-Pointing And Jeering Committee, and the Arneson/Gygax fan feud are examples - and it's a very big reason why little or nothing ever seems to get accomplished hereabouts.

    It has also driven an amazing number of very good people out of the 'community'; we - for example - used to be pillars of local F/SF fandom, supporting it with our time, energy, resources, and creativity. We stopped doing a lot of that in the mid-1990s, and now we don;t do much at all. The latest fracas has driven both The Missus and I even further out, and I strongly doubt we'll be back. I got asked recently if I would help run several new conventions, and I turned each group down flat. Just not interested in the politics that always seems to result as the group fissions into factions.