Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Weekly Update - Sunday, June 4th, 2017 - Interlude: The Ghosts of Macedon

The Victrix sets, based and primered

Right flank, Numidian lights and Macedonian phalanx

Right flank, Successor phalanx and more Numidian lights
Center reserves, the Macedonian hypastis (spelling?)

I am in the process of sorting out all the photos I took of yesterday's romp, and will have a report and photos for you all as soon as I can. It was a great session, with lots of mayhem and humor; the players are trapped between two forces of Qol, with no possible hope of escape, so they will be back to play out more of this game - they do not seem particularly worried about their predicament! So, what was supposed to be a one-shot is turning into a longer run, and may yet turn into a long-term campaign. We shall see.

In the meantime, I am getting some 'serious' model-making done; the weather is simply fine, with the rain we've had for the past weeks finally letting up long enough for me to get a few things done. I'm putting in the upstairs air conditioner today, and the main level one later this week; it's the annual ritual, and a pain, but it does need to be done.

On a happier note, I have now gotten all of the Victrix plastic figures done for H.M. Cleopatra VII's guard. I have one of each of the three Macedonian infantry sets, as well as two of the Numidian light infantry sets. While I was waiting for the gamers to arrive yesterday, I watched a lot of Stone's "Alexander", so I have all of the historical information I need to get these painted up. Right. Sure. Anyway...

The three 'regular' infantry sets were assembled pretty much 'stock', according to the very minimal instructions on the bag header. I found that by working with two sprues at a time, it was pretty easy to keep all the parts straight and get them assembled in short order; I use Testor's Brush-on Plastic Cement, as these are styrene figures, and I had no issues getting everybody put together. I did make sure to have each unit have a more-or-less identical helmet style, to make it a little easier to tell the units apart. Basing is 25mm x 25mm plywood from TRE Games; I usually use 20mm x 25mm for close-order regulars, but what I can find on Cleopatra's army during the Egyptian 'civil war' indicates that they may have been a little, shall we say, 'shaky' so I went with the slightly larger base. These will also be used primarily for a massive RPG / Braunstein, and the 25mm based fit in better with the 25mm rounds I use for RPG figures.

I like these sets. You get a lot of figures and options for your money, they assemble nicely, and look very good. My one issue is that they are so light - they actually started to move when I used my spray primer on them, so I backed off a bit and they were fine.

The two sets of Numidian lights have been a lot of fun. As previously reported, I used the helmeted hard option for the first set, as I wanted some Salarvyani-looking light infantry - you never have enough of those, I think! I didn;t use any of the shields provided, but used the ones I have left over from the Wargames Factory 'Amazons' as I had used other shields for that set. Yes, I know that the larger oval shield is historically correct, but they look funny on lights - too big, for my eye.

The second set got the un-helmeted heads, and they also got my stock of Foundry wicker shields from the parts bins. I thought that these looked a little more 'Egyptian', and since I intend to use these with the actual Ancient Egyptians I have, I thought it would look all right. And it does; I am very happy with these figures. They also go together well, look good, and are in my opinion good value for money. The oval shields will go into the parts bins; I'll find a use for them, eventually.

Ah, yes, I am aware that by the time of Cleopatra VII a lot of the Successor armies had adopted a sort of Roman look, but I didn't want to have that look on the game table; I already have what amounts to two units of Late Republican Romans (Old Glory) as well as two of Early Imperial Romans (mixed Warlord Games and Foundry) so I wanted these troops to have a different look to them. This is 'Hollywood Aegyptus', after all, shot in SuperCinemaTechoRamaColorScope at Cinecitta ('Hollywood on the Tiber', as it's been called) on the kind of budget that HBO can only dream about.

[Wait a minute. He's got something like sixty+ soldiers, there, not counting the Numidians. If that's going to be a 'palace guard' for a game, then he's either daft or he's got something really big in the works.]

Well, yes, actually. About 8' x 8', in 2' x 2' modular sections. The Missus and the Daughters are helping.

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