Saturday, June 3, 2017

Yet more photos from the last game session...

The party, after evading my big trap

Fighting their way past my first ambush

Starting to fight their way past the second ambush

So, they got past the Nexus Point trap on the west side of the underworld, by simply thinking their way through it - they did have a good time looking in at dear old Nyelmu in the Garden of the Weeping Snows - and pressed onward. They did hit the fist ambush I'd laid on the east side, and after a couple of exchanges of arrows and spells they moved right through it.

The second ambush, which is what we're dealing with in today's game session, is (was) one of my better ones - or so I thought. The players did what you're supposed to do, attack into the ambush, and my poor Qol are taking a nasty beating after some poor dice rolls on my part and some very clever coordinated spell-casting and attacking into melee by the players.

I'd better come up with some really good ideas by the time they get here, this afternoon...