Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Weekly Update - July 30th, 2017 - Legions On The March - On The Workbench, Actually...

This is the newer box, with the scorpion in it.

A new box for me, with some issues for me...

As reported in these pages, I have gotten two boxes of Early Imperial Romans for use in my big-budget Techicolor SuperCinemaScope version of "Cleopatra". I had gotten a couple of boxes of the legionaries years ago when they first came out, to convert into Chris (Bear) Huddle's 32nd Imperial Medium Infantry - The Legion of the Translucent Emerald - for doing the Sirsum micro-campaign and specifically the Battle of Anch'ke. (They are getting new standards, by the way; I am just not happy with how I did the old ones...)

The 'Legionaries' set is the reissued box of Warlord figures, with three command and 17 line troops - you also get two troopers with the scorpion. All are the standard sprues, and they look very good; the decal sheet for the shields is even better, as it's got the central hole for the shield boss already cut out - earlier sheets had to have this cut out by hand, which is a pain in the butt. Use a very sharp pointed knife. There are not a lot of options on these sprues; you do get extra helmets and pila, which is nice, and the scorpion sprue does have more arm options. All in all, a most satisfying box of troopers.

The 'Veterans' set is also up top the same high standards, but no artillery. (Artillery I got, by the pound.) I have two small niggles about this box; one, some of the 'battle-damaged' shields are in very rough shape, to the point that I'd be picking up something from the ground to use in a fight. I'll replace the really badly damaged ones with spares - I keep everything, just for things like this - and I think everything will work out just fine. The damaged shields will get used in a repair shop diorama, and the spare helmets and pila in the armoury room.

My other - admittedly small! - niggle is that the figures are equipped with mancea (armored sleeves)on their right arms, and to my eye this just doesn't look right. I associate the mancea with gladiators, and we're not doing "Spartacus" this week. (Maybe later; I have plenty of gladiators.) So, it'll be back to the spares box, and the four tent sections of troopers will all have about the same look to them. This will get the effect I want, and keep the continuity girl happy. A very nice touch is that there are sets of greaves in this box, and I'll find a use for these - very handy!

I have three spare sheets of decals from the old boxes, so we're good there; I have two very old Minifigs / Garrison / Greenwood & Ball metal testudo sets as well, and  think I may have the Warlord resin one as well, as that would account for the three decal sheets that I have in stock - I think I should only have two. Red tunics, steel armor, bronze helmets as per the 1963 epic, and we're in business - they're attacking the Moon Gate, Caesar!!! Send out a turtle!

Speaking of which, I may have to do a little conversion; in the 1963 movies, when they send out the troops to attack the Egyptians, there's a drummer - not the usual and more historical trumpeter. So, for the sake of the effect, I think I'll slightly modify one musician and give him a drum to beat out Caesar's orders.

And I'd better get cracking on this project, too; if everyone who's talked to me about booking dates for events comes through on their plans, 2018 is going to be a very, very busy year!

EDIT: Whoops! Almost forgot to mention: I managed to get the massive 50" plasma screen up on the newly-modified shelving unit, and it's now running with a CD deck attached. The thing weighs 96 pounds, and I was surprised that I was able to lift it. The game lounge is now fitted up for our viewing pleasure; the game room proper is still equipped with the 42" and a CD deck, so we can watch what we want when we want. I may yet link the two screens, for that 'multi-plex' effect.