Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Making My Dreams Come True (II) - Turning The Tables

30" by 60", 30" tall. Four of, as they say in the army.

One of the age-old issues I've run into as a gamer has been getting the right tables for games. Most convention and event venues have round tables, intended for banquets and other food functions, and miniatures gaming usually needs square or rectangular tables. I ran into this problem as recently as this past spring at the local game convention, where the game's runner had asked for four tables like the one above, and got a five-foot round by the time the hotel set-up people had set the room. I was able to help with that, as I 'speak hotel' and 'convention committee', and so we got the tables we needed.

For over a decade, I've had three of my own 30" x 60" tables - again, like the one above - and I've more or less standardized on them as gaming tables for my larger games. I'd been wanting to get a fourth for some time - like, right after the recent local convention, but prices have gone from $25 to $50 each for these tables over the past decade and that's a bit steep for my wallet. Enter surplus sales: I was able to get my fourth table last week, in very good shape and for $25. I am, as you might imagine, pretty pleased!

So, yet another of my dreams has come true. I can now run any of my games any time, any place, just the way I want them. I have already built and run Phil's two miniatures games that he published in "The Dragon", Chanis and Ry, and I also have our fights at Castle Tilketl and Anch'ke built as well. (Not to mention the fight with the Hlutrgu, too!) I'm going to build our epic fight at Third Mar, which really does need the bigger table, and perhaps some of the other battles we fought out at Phil's on his tables.

So, lots more to come, and lots more fights to win! Hurrah!!!

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