Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Weekly Update - The Van Is Back, and Why I'm Not *Playing* Games Anymore

The Book of Job, Chapter 39, Verse 24 seems appropriate.

Saying 'Thank You" to a great player...

The good news, for people who follow our misadventures, is that the van is back. The Missus, bless her, found a place that could get it up and running for what we and our insurance company could afford. So, the old warhorse is back in action, holding the line for a year while we work on getting a new car to get around in. I am pretty happy; it's been a miserable week.

Bob Meyer, 'Robert the Bald' to you Blackmoor fans, ran a Blackmoor game today at The Source; Bob inherited The Original Blackmoor Campaign from Dave Arneson after the latter passed away, by the express wish of same. Bob occasionally runs games, and maintains that original tone and color that made our gaming with Dave in his creation so fun and memorable.

I didn't play in the game; my daughter had her usual Sunday game group, and I had my 'alternate Workbench' off to one side where I had a great afternoon painting miniatures and listening to the mayhem going on off to my flank. I also organized cake and ice cream for one of the players / GMs who had a birthday today; this was one of the wonderfully gifted players who made my game sessions at The Source's 'Free RPG Day' so much fun and so memorable. The cake and ice cream went over very well, and the cast chocolate "Star Wars" candies provided by the Missus were particularly welcomed by the ravening hordes.

And, in a wonderful moment, Bob and the Blackmoor players came over and sang "Happy Birthday" to the Guest of Honor. Couldn't ask for better, really!!!

Today's not playing marks the first time I've declined a game in quite a while. I've made the decision, after my recent experiences in playing D&D 5e and having been bombarded by a number of gaming-related unpleasant incidents both on-line and in recent months, to not play in games any more. I will still run games, and still continue to write about them, but I just seem to have lost all interest in playing in them. I will still continue to build my models and paint my miniature figures, but the emphasis is no longer on being able to have cool stuff for game sessions but instead to have cool stuff for inclusion in "To Serve The Petal Throne".

I think a big part of this decision is due to the legal hassles I've faced and the annoyance I've had to deal with over my gaming. It's gotten old, and I'm tired of it. I don't need to run games to have fun, and I suspect some folks have not been able to understand that. Too bad for them. I am delighted that people have so much fun in their games, and I'll be delighted to support them as we move along; my participation in gaming is going to be on my terms, and for my enjoyment from now on.

And no, I don't think I'm throwing the baby out with the bath water; I'll still run games for people who ask me too, as this seems to be a successful thing for everyone involved; I just am not  playing in other people's games, at this point. We go on; lots of fun stuff going on, and I'll keep everyone updated!


  1. It's too bad some people can't just let you roll dice and talk like an elf in peace.

    But! Our leisure time is limited and you are completely entitled to spend it as you wish!

    Awesome birthday party story. Glad about your van.

    1. Thank you for the kind words! It's not that I'm unhappy with gaming per se, just with a lot of the people I've had to deal with. This too shall pass...

  2. Great post, as always. I completely understand your decision to not participate as a gamer any longer, but I'm very happy to hear you will still be a participant in the hobby.

    1. Thank you! I'll still be around, but on my terms; "no gaming is better then bad gaming," as a friend says.

  3. I like that verse regarding the van. Very clever that! :)
    I feel the same way about my 2002 Nissan. I just can't bring myself to get rid of it as it runs like a clock, is rust free, and well maintained.
    Although it's too bad that you have reached this point in gaming, but sometimes "enough is enough" as my nephew used to say when he was a wee little nipper. It's good to hear that you haven't completely washed your hands of the hobby.

    1. Thank you! We're more then a little pleased and happy, ourselves!

      Watch this space - lots happening, and some very good things!