Sunday, November 19, 2017

Weekly Update - Sunday, November 19th, 2017 - The News And Letters From The Complaints Department

'Blue' Section, Display Two

It has been a very busy couple of weeks here at the Workbench! I have not one, but two daughters in the honors society at their college; they were inducted into Phi Theta Kappa - the two-year college branch of the organization - this past week and I am very proud of both of them. Their sister continues her medical degree program back home in Zurich; no informaion of late from her, but I'll pass along anything I can get as soon as I get it.

Pickings in the surplus market have been superb over the past two weeks; I was able to find a complete Skyline 'Mosaic' display unit for a very good price that really fills out our range of displays and gives us pretty much unlimited options for the kinds of events that I want to run. 'Blue' Section is a pair of Skyline 'Mirage' table-mounted space frames with matching-but-different fabric sets that I've used for Free RPG Day at the local FLGS; these will be the core displays for both the "Chirine's Workbench" and "To Serve The Petal Throne" displays when I do events. 'Green' Section is the really 'heavy artillery', with both the new 'Mosaic' display and the massive 'Mirage' 8' high and 10' wide wall. There are also workstations for interactive displays as well as the usual acrylic literature and graphics displays. I am, I think, now set up for any kind of event regardless of size or venue. I'm pretty please with it all, I have to say, and the ultimate 'trade show booth' - the Tsolyani tent and furniture - waits in the wings for those really special events.

All of this is part of my 'marketing plan' for how I want to move forward into the future. I am, more and more, finding that going back to my roots in the hobby is both finding a larger audience and give me a lot more fun then what's been going on in my gaming life of late; which is a segue to why I'm going back to my roots - some of the complaints that I've been getting from various people...

Letters from Over The Transom - Samples From The Complaints Department

"Why are you buying Pathfinder and D & D figures? You don't play either game, so why spend the money on them?" - sales clerk at the FLGS

Because I like them, and I can use them in my games. Since you were very worked up about this, I asked your dad, the store's owner, if it was all right to buy miniatures from him and he told me that I could spend as much money in your store as I wanted to. I hope that's all right with you; I can get a note from him, if you'd be happier.

"Why are you painting miniatures? You're not a serious gamer, because you don't play serious games with serious people in a serious gaming group." - local miniatures gamer

Once again, because I like them. As for the 'serious gamer' complaint, guilty as charged. I've played with the people in your 'serious gaming group' in the past, and I wouldn't do it again. No laughter at the table, and the way some of you folks picked up my pikemen by the dozen by their pikes kinda turned me off. I'll keep my Macedonians at home, thank you. As for my using 'serious historical miniatures' in my 'non-historical and non-serious games' like the Cleopatra Braunstein, all I can say is that both the manufacturers and retailers of these figures seem very happy at the idea of taking my money. Can't imagine why, really; maybe it's 'cause you nearly lost the FLGS a $120 sale this past week.

"Your figures are obscene! If you bring them to the FLGS, I'll have you run out of the store!!!" - both the same local miniatures gamer and a miniatures manufacturer

Any figures that I buy are approved in advance by The Missus and my daughters. There are some lines of figures that we will not purchase, due to their subject content and lack of taste, but we do buy figures that are historically dressed (Ancient Egyptian, or Barsoomian, for example) and are useful to us in our games. You don't have to play with them , or with us; we do not want to offend your sensibilities. As for bad-mouthing one's own products, I'd like to suggest that may be not the best way to encourage sales of your products. Luckily for you and your company, The Missus was able to look beyond your comments at your figures.

"You shouldn't be playing in this (D&D 5th Edition) campaign because you don't know all the ins and out of the rules like I do!"

Sounds good to me; I don't like 'rules layers', and I don't play with them. I handed in my PC sheet to the GM, so I don't play in that campaign any more. Instead, the GM and players invited me back as an associate GM, and I'm now running their visit to the world of the Petal Throne for them. You're welcome to come and play, if you like; I don't insist that you memorize all of the rules ahead of time.

And with that, it's off to the grocery store for the holiday shopping. More later!


  1. Careful! You might get reported to the Miniatures Police and receive a stern finger-wagging.

    1. Somewhere in the workshop I have a 1940's Packard; wouldn't be any problem to add lights, siren, and paint job. Figures are easy, pulp ranges have what we need... :)

  2. If I ever start considering gaming a "serious" endeavor, I hope someone will do me the kindness of taking my dice away for a little bit.

    1. Agreed. I'm continually astonished at the lack of laughter around the gaming tables, these days. When did this become 'a serious thing'? Although I do remember the HMGS folks getting all hot under the collar at the very idea that they were "playing with little toy soldiers" and were quite vehement about their doing "serious historical research and simulation!" Me, I play with little toy soldiers. Always have, always will.

  3. I am a unabashed historical button counter, when it comes to painting and buying figs. But when it comes to fantasy and sci-fi stuff, then Anything goes.
    I also understand that most folks are there just to have fun.
    losing with the right people is honestly more fun then just winning to win.
    And I have no idea why a clerk would try to talk you out of a sale. I could see some light teasing with friends but, this seems a to error of the bazar.

    1. Negativity aside, good to hear that your daughters are doing fine, and that you found more goodies for your display.

    2. I'd agree about historicals; I do the same thing. I really enjoy doing the research into period equipment and TO&Es, and then building the units to match. I'm also about having some fun with friends - the no laughter at the table I'm seeing is just not what I'm in gaming for.

    3. Thank you! I am very proud of them!

      I'm also very happy with the display inventory; I can now do things very easily and very impressively - if there's one thing that I've learned over the past forty years I've been gaming, is that I can't reply on anybody for any thing - people forget to show up to help, forget to bring the vital items, etc. So, I'm now set up where I can do everything by myself, and with a bare minimum of effort for a real maximum of return. And for cheap, too! :)

  4. Jesus Christ 😣😫😤 Exactly when did role-playing games become infected with this fascist-adjacent ideology? "Serious" tabletop gaming, really?

    You know who was definitely NOT a serious tabletop gamer? That young man by the name of David Lance Arneson, back in the early seventies.........

    So, there you have it, guys! Those of you who want to be "serious", gather round those tables on the other side of the hall, and be serious over there. I'll stay right here on this side with Chirine and the FUN crowd - damn straight, and we might even have a Tsolyani cook-off! 😁😎

    1. I first started to see this in the early 1990s in RPGs; earlier then that in historical miniatures. Agreed about Dave - he was serious about his gaming (see also "DGUTS!") but he wasn't a 'serious gamers', as slipping Dave Megarry that phaser way back when should indicate.

      I do believe in fun in games; it's what I love to see, when the players are all laughing their heads off. I don't mind people having fun their way; it's when they start to dictate to me what kind of fun I should be having that I get annoyed.