Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Weekly Update - Wednesday, December 6th, 2017 - Five Years On, And Where We Are

before The Incident

after The Incident

I happened to discover, entirely by accident, that Photobucket has cut the links to this blog, so that my posts of a certain age have been deleted from their original messages. I can replace some of them from the Google albums, and I'll see if I can't do that. With over five years of posts being affected, it may take a while.

Speaking of five years having gone by, it's been five years since The Incident. I was so busy moving jobs that I clean forgot to note the occasion, back in September. As you might guess, I am still alive, and in the human normal range, largely because of a number of pretty severe changes I made in my life. A lot of people who gave me a lot of stress and annoyance are now gone, likewise a lot of activities that cause me the same kind of annoyance have been left behind.

I find that I have little to no interest in playing games, any more. I think a lot of this is because I don't have the patience to sit quietly and listen to the other folks at the table talk over the situation in the game endlessly, over-thinking the most basic actions. I certainly don't mind them doing it for themselves, it's when I'm sitting there for literally hours waiting to do something that's the issue. I still enjoy running games for people; I had a great time at The Source's 'Free RPG Day', for example, and I'm enjoying introducing people to Tekumel in the current D&D 5e campaign at the same venue. For as long as somebody wants have me in to run games for them, I'll be happy to do it. People seem to enjoy what I do, and I enjoy doing it - so, I think, we have something going.

I am still enjoying building things ; we play-tested the floor plans of my palace, this past weekend, and it went well; the building 'works' as both a palace and as a model, so we'll get to gluing and cutting over the holidays. The 2' x 2' modular format worked very well, and the modules with fit through doors - which, as you might guess, is A Very Big Deal. The Missus is sourcing carpeting, TRE Games is doing the furniture, and I am a pretty happy camper over this project.

Along the way, I have been reducing my time spent on Internet forums, especially the ones that describe themselves as 'standard-bearers of the OSR'. I'm find that the discussions have very little to do with the kind of gaming that we did back in the late '70s and early '80s, and are usually so far away from what I know about and what I do that I have very little in common with most of the posters, and they have very little in common with me. So, I have wound down most of my on-line writing, and have put that time and energy into "To Serve The Petal Throne".

A lot of my model-building is also finding inspiration and grounding in the book and our adventures with Phil in his world. The palace project is a good example of that, as is the current painting projects that I'm doing. I'm happier and more productive, so I think we're on to a good thing.

So, life is good.

Oh, yeah; it's my birthday today; I am 61. :)