Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Appearing On "Multiverse"...

The folks over at the new version of TSR have a blog, "Multiverse", where they talk about all sorts of things related to games and gaming - comics, and movies, too.

They have kind of a regular feature called "What's On Your Shelf?", and having heard about what's in our basement, made some noises about doing an article on the game room and lounge. I dug out some photos for them, shot some more, and this neat little article is the result:

Regular readers will have seen the game room being rebuilt into it's current form, but I'd thought I'd share... :)

And have a look at Multiverse, too! They have all sorts of fun stuff going on.

[Edit: Sorry about the lack of title, originally; that'll teach me to post while tired!]

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