Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Weekly Update (2) - Sunday, March 18th, 2018 - A Tale Of Two Cameras...

From this...

To this...

A very big part of the changes about to engulf us is the way we communicate with people. Back in the day, you either were published in the magazines or out at conventions; these days, we have the Internet will all sorts of amazing possibilities. We had one of these amazing possibilities come up on Thursday evening, and we jumped on it. Hard. Very hard.

Long-time followers of this blog will remember when we got the little pocket video camera, the 'Bloggie', and how we did some podcasts with it which are up on our YouTube channel. The 'Bloggie' is a nice little camera, but it does have some very real limitations when it comes to the kind of 'field production' that we'd like to be doing. The new Sony digital camera puts our production capacity right back where we're used to having it; we're breaking down our inventory of video production gear into the component parts, and recombining it all into two broad areas: field production, where we can shoot both 'A-roll' and 'B-roll' footage for later editing and uploading to our YouTube channel, and studio production, which will be a switched three-camera shoot from the game room.

I'll be you were kind of wondering what this had to do with gaming, didn't you? :)

Back when we were shooting the YouTube videos, we felt more then a little limited by the hardware involved; I could not cut to close-ups of the miniatures I was talking about, for example. Audio quality also wasn't all that great, and certainly not up to the standards that I would have expected from somebody with our level of production experience. We're going to divide up the microphones we have amongst the studio and the field kit, and we think that this will really add some 'production value' to what we want to do.

A by-product of all this is that we also have enough spare cameras, switcher capacity, and microphones to also wire up the workbench itself as well as the workshop proper so that we can bring you 'how to' videos sharing with you how I do things - you can learn from my disasters, The Missus says.

The digital still camera fleet is also being reorganized, with a primary and a secondary camera being set up for both archival and game documentation work. It's been amazing to see how much gear we've accumulated through our surplus market connections over the past year, and it's time to get it all sorted out and packed for use. And, because this is our house, we can leave everything set up and functional between shoots - no time and energy lost in set-up and tear-down, which will be a big help to us.

So, I have a lot of work to do, this year, but it's all starting to happen this weekend. We're off!!! :)

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