Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Weekly Update (3) - Sunday, March 18th, 2018 - Two Polycoms, No Waiting...

The one...

and the other...

So, I can hear you ask, "What's with all the technology?"

"It's remote access gaming," sez I in my best Peter Gunn pirate voice.

Back in my career as a audio-video technician, I built a lot of conference rooms for businesses, and got pretty good at it. So, The Missus thought, why not use our connections in the surplus market to get some of this technology, and use it to make our game room more accessible to people. So, we have.

The idea, at this point, is that if you and your game group want to visit our house and our game room you'd have to get to Minneapolis. Our thought is to take our house to you - electronically, of course. What's been our concern is the relatively poor technical quality of the audio and video that we've seen on the Internet, and we've been working on how to improve on that.

One aspect of this has been the new computer for the game room; it has it's own camera, but we're going to be interfacing our multi-camera system to it as well as our own audio feed; we're looking at providing the best possible feeds that we can. You'll be able to look at the game room on your computer, as well as look at the game session later on youTube after we upload the video - providing, of course, that everyone who's on the screen agrees; if you are having a bad hair day, we'll keep the recording in the archives.

What the Polycoms give us is much better and more reliable audio quality on your side of the connection; We have two of these units, and all they need from you is a wall plug and an analog phone line. We can also go through a cell phone, too. The idea is that you fire up the phone, after we send it to you, call up the game room, and we're off with up to ten or fifteen people at your game table. After the session, you put the phone back in the box, and end it back to us. (Shipping prepaid, most likely; we're working out the details.)

And with the possibility of adding in more lines for conference calls, you can see why we're so excited by all of this.

Surplus is a wonderful thing... :)

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