Saturday, April 28, 2018

The Eve Of Battle - D&D 5e, Here Tomorrow!

The night is quiet...
...too quiet, perhaps...
A clearing in the forest, with the adventurers awake.
We're set and ready; all I have to do is put out the snacks.
And put out the chairs, of course.

Well, I'm as set and ready for my very first ever D&D game session here at The Workbench. I've set the table in my usual 'classic' style; it'll be interesting to see how the players handle gaming on a table without a 1" grid on it. The fridge is stocked, the chips ready, the buffet in place, and the dice all washed and buffed.

It's been kind of a long haul to get to this point - I had to swap out the 52" plasma screen for the 52" LCD screen due to a pixellation issue, and each of the things weighs nearly 100 pounds each -  but the game room is now in what will be mostly it's final form. I still need to wire the place up for video and podcasts, but that will come in due course. We're out of 'warehouse mode', and back into 'gaming mode', and The Missus says she's looking forward to having guests again.

The terrain system worked perfectly; the table set-up took a whole fifteen minutes, from unlocking the storage shed to having everything ready to go. These are the 'temperate' tiles, with the set of 'temperate' trees, as this is one of the elven forests of Blackmoor and not one of the less-inhabited pine forests that one often encounters. Trees by Lemax, underbrush by Life-Like, mayhem by Dave Arneson.

So, we're all set up. I'll have some fun stuff on the DVD players to fill in the time while we're stuffing our faces on the buffet, and I'll make sure to take pictures for you to ponder as we play.

More to come!!!

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