Sunday, May 27, 2018

A Dilemma - Palanquins Or Perils?

Not the figures in question, but others...

So, all the excavations in the game room have turned up a bit of a dilemma. I have forty Old Glory Miniatures, from a purchase I made almost a decade ago; I got them with the notion that I'd convert them into palanquin bearers. That role will now be filled by the now OOP Wargames Factory 'Numidian', so the Old Glory figures are now sort of surplus to requirements.

My thought is to repurpose them as tribal warriors who can reinforce the Nubians I have for my Ancient Egyptian games, as per lots and lots of Technicolor movies from the 1960s. Since these also usually have lost Roman legions in them, being wiped out by the locals in the Lost Valley, I'm sort of thinking that some Sword and Sanadal epics may be in their future. The Temple of Set also figures in the plot, of course...

Thoughts? Comments?

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