Monday, May 21, 2018

Care For A 'Pre-school' Adventure?

This particular copy is a year younger then I am.

So, after a miserable weekend, let's get back on track and to the discussion at hand.

I commend to your attention this particular book, which contains a perfectly good adventure that can be played out in several game sessions, using any RPG that one prefers. You'll have to run up the NPCs in your preferred system yourself, but the author of this adventure has done all of the other work for you - setting, plots, details, characters, they're all there.

And you can even adapt this adventure to your favorite world-setting, too! I knew this guy named Phil, who managed quite nicely to adapt this book to the setting of his own campaign, and gave us quite a wonderful series of game sessions. Lady Si N'te, that ever-resourceful and well-connected Priestess of the Goddess, takes all her jewelry business to that nice chap Lurgan of Simla.

I've been taken to task on an RPG forum or two for constantly suggesting that gamers need to read something other then sets of game rules. Well you know, that's what Gary was trying to get at with his 'Appendix N'.

Read. Absorb. Be inspired.

Next up: Dave Arneson and people in cheap rubber monster suits.

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