Wednesday, June 6, 2018

A New Deal - The Start Of A Pre-School Adventure

Things get yet more complicated

A conference! A job offer for our adventurers!

And a stalwart ship to go on said adventure!

Ah, wait a minute; Haven't we seen that symbol before?

Continuing our saga, the melee go a little complicated as one of the attacking pirates turned out to be a dragon in disguise. Once this little hurdle had been dealt with, and the looting of the now-defeated pirates done, the party was approached by a local captain with an offer of a job. The party accepted, with the proviso that they anted to finish their vacation first - they had paid up reservations, after all.

But who was that seafaring young woman standing off to the side?

And that ship they'll be sailing on; haven't we seen those people standing on her deck before?

And the complex glyph on her sail? Seems oddly familiar, methinks...

"Mayhem," as I like to say, "Will ensue."

Note: A bit of clarification may be in order, here.

This is not my game, nor is it in any of my campaign settings. This in the D&D campaign of a couple of friends of mine, and so I am not entirely sure of the nefarious plots being brewed. This is now the second of the games I've participated in under my new mode of gaming - "If somebody wants to organize something, I'm in." I'm doing a lot more gaming, and having a lot more fun doing it. So, I think it's working.

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