Sunday, June 3, 2018

About Those Cheap Package Tours, And Pre-School Gaming

The party, it transpired, had booked one of those cheap package tours with an eye to getting a nice vacation after their last harrowing adventure. They checked into their inn, and started doing a little shopping for stuff to replace everything that had gotten lost on their previous quest.

The genesis of this game was my friends' telling me that they were sending the players in the D&D campaign off on a vacation, to a pirate town on the coat with the option of running a nautical adventure. The thought was that since sea or underwater adventures are pretty rare on the gaming ground, it was high time to have one. I mentioned that I had a lot of stuff that could be used for this kind of thing, so I was asked to supply the table for their game session.

No problem. I set the table up so that the players would either have to walk the long way around the series of islands, or hire a boat to take the short cut. I set the table both to be scenically interesting and to be able to supply all sorts of encounters for the players. The GMs came up with the merchants and other townsfolk, and we were off and strolling through the souk.

The first part of the game session was a lot of accounting and purchasing; none of the shops were marked, so the players had to go exploring in order to find stuff. It all worked just fine, and the plyers 'mapped out' the first two islands...

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