Friday, June 29, 2018

"Burning Down The House" - The Return Of The Shieldmaidens (2)

Having 'forgotten' the crew...
... and talking their way past the guard galley...

.and leaving a little 'diversion' behind them...
... they left the ship's owners in a bit of a pickle.
It may not have been the best of all possible wharves, on this the best of all possible game tables (until I do the next one, of course) but I kind of liked it. Until the players got a hold of it, that is.

So, anyway. Having departed from the Tiki Bar with their ill-gotten gains, our intrepid adventurers headed back to the ship that they were going to embark on to get on with the deal that they'd made with the Pirate Captain who's hired them to undertake a Quest. Full of enthusiasm, they cast off the ship's lines and used various 'Mage Hand' and 'Wind' spells to pull away from the dock.  All was set for an epic voyage, with the minor detail of they'd left the ship's crew behind at the dock. Being clever players, they'd opted to set sail when the crew was getting the longboat ready and otherwise distracted. Only the Third Mate was left aboard, and she and the Pirate Captain were reduced to helpless fury as the players hailed a passing towboat and were pulled out into the channel. The rest of the crew were left on the wharf, raising the proverbial 'hue and cry' as their ship was purloined.

All of the noise attracted the attention of the guard galley, which the players diverted away from them by whooping and hollering that the municipal wharf was on fire. Which it was, the players thoughtfully having used both sorcery and fireworks (that they'd bought in the Native Village at Ye Olde Fireworks Shoppe) to set the wharf ablaze as they pulled away.

Honestly. Kids, these days. No respect for other people's property.

At some point, the ship's crew set off in pursuit in the aforementioned longboat, and the players stopped them cold when the Third Mate fell overboard / was pushed overboard / jumped overboard under Suspicious Circumstances, and the crew had to stop to pick her up. The local sea life also took a hand in the proceedings, to the amusement of all concerned.

The Pirate Captian had her cabin ransacked by the party, and they used the 'newly aquired' maps and charts to set off to the domain of the mer-people, which was the point of the Quest they'd been hired for. However, being stalwart adventurers with their own ideas about "individual wealth enhancement strategies", they took matters into their own hands...

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