Wednesday, June 27, 2018

"Discos & Dragons" - The Return Of The Shieldmaidens (1)

Having escaped the fell terrors of the Tourist Trap...

... the intrepid adventurers pressed on to The Tiki Bar,

where the paper parasols and the drinks came out.

As has been related in these pages, I have been summoned forth from my lair to be the set dresser and stagehand for the continuing adventures of The Shieldmaidens. This past Sunday, they were running the second half of their vacation to the pirate town of Tortuga, where they'd been having run-ins with some of the local pirates.

Being determined to get the most value out of their package tour, the party made it through the dreaded Tourist Trap, and came out the other side of this buccaneering version of Wisconsin Dells a lot lighter in the money pouches but richer by far in knick-nacks, carven seashells, tunics that were embroidered "I went to Tortuga and all I got was this tunic", and the other sorts of stuff that gets sold to one at seaside resorts.

All of this fearsome commercial activity called for some refreshment, and so our intrepid party made it through the doors of The Tiki Bar with a rousing battle-cry of "TABLE FOR SIX!!!" This was my cure, in my guise as The Stagehand, to provide all of the members of the party with those little paper parasols one usually finds in the kind of drinks served in these fine establishments. The Assistant GM had barely enough time to comment that it would be fun to have drinks to match, when Yours Truly - who had come prepared for this moment in the game - set out various flavors of drinks for the players.

Well, I ask you; what else could I do, anyway? I had also taken the trouble to wear the 'Crew Team' T-shirt that my dad had gotten me rom a visit to a resort in Cozumel, as it seemed the thing to do for this game.

What I had not allowed for was the effect that all this local color would have on the players. The GM had barely enough time to describe the pirate revelry that was going on in the place - you know the scene, from all those Technicolor pirate movies back in the day - before several of the PCs stormed the stage yelling "DANCE OFF!!!" and took over the place. There was at least one Tiefling and a cat-person involved, and I got to seriously wondering if I was old enough to be listening to this game session. Nothing naughty, you understand, but really really rowdy and raucous. And, this being a group of very clever and intelligent players, while the show was riveting everyone in the place's attention, the party's Rogue was busily relieving the piratical patrons of their ill-gotten gains by lifting their money pouches and wallets.

Eventually, the party departed the establishment a lot less sober and a lot more wealthy, and watched happily as various sodden pirates were carted off in heaps to sober up. Having thus wreaked havoc on the locals, the party departed to board their cruise ship...

Stay tuned for Part the Second, where our adventurers out-pirate the pirates and burn the town down as a parting gift...

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