Saturday, June 30, 2018

"Down Below The Ocean, Down Below The Sea..." - Packed And Ready!

Bought years ago, when toy stores had toys...

Bought weeks ago, and still in stock...

We are off and in the swim again, as the Shieldmaidens visit The Sunken City Of The Mer-People. (It'll always be Atlantis to me, but what do I know?) You have to pay hefty prices in the collectables market for stuff from the movie these days, so I rummaged around in the shelves and pulled out the Giant Lobsters, Giant Octopus, Giant Squid and the Giant Jellyfish that I keep around for games like this. I have yet to find the Giant Squid, so we'll make due with the Large Squids for now. I am debating taking the Ah'ko again, to serve as the Kraken, but as this is a waterline model I think I'll stick with the Giant Octopus. (Plus, it makes noises when squeezed, always a plus in this crowd.)

The Giant Jellyfish can move around the table, but mostly with the current, so they function in the game more as traps and scenery for the players to avoid or hide behind. Bases are my usual laser-cut MDF with holed for the brass tubes that hold the creature up off the bottom. The jellyfish also got holes, as I need to be able to transport this lot to the game tomorrow.

Transport is, these days, in Der Bug, and I have gotten ten handy tubs with lids for the car. These hold four gallons' worth of stuff, and have nice flip tops for lids. Eight of these fit across the back seat, and two more in the trunk, with lots of room left over for the small baggage items. I emptied the pirate town of Tortuga back on to the game room shelves today, and then loaded the tubs back up with The Sunken City and various accessories. Once it cools off, the tubs and gear get loaded, and we're off and running again with our next installment of the Saga Of The Shieldmaidens.

One of the local bix-box stores is having a Fourth of July special on swim mask-and-snorkel sets.

Hmmm. I wonder...

More after the game! :)

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