Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Let's Go For a Walk In The Woods! What Could Possibly Go Wrong? (2)

So we get to the clearing - another under four minute scene change - where The Big Mystery is supposed to be happening, and we get jumped by undead small tree things and then undead wolves. We get pretty roughly handled, as this party is kind of shallow what with having only four PCs and one NPC, and we pause to get ourselves together.

Just in time to get jumped by undead big trees, and we fight it out to a conclusion with them - they get toasted, and we get pretty badly hurt. Which means we're out in the middle of the accursed woods, at minimal strength, and about to confront the undead druid who's the cause of all this mess.

Next game session, July 22nd; we could use a little help, here. (Hint, hint. See Burl, at The Source.)

The game session went twelve hours. That's right; 12 hours. People were having a whee of a great time, and just didn't want to leave unless we fought this to a conclusion. Luckily, I had plenty of snacks and refreshments to hand, and we eventually ordered dinner from the local take-away.

It was all grand. Simply grand. :)

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