Sunday, June 3, 2018

Loaded Up And Headed Out! - The Weekly Update - Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

Stock photo - photos not allowed at gem shows...

It has been a wonderful weekend, so far, and it's only going to get better. Der Bug is all loaded for today's game, and I'll be off and running in a little bit to get the thing set up for my friends.

Saturday was simply a treat; the Missus, the Lady of the House in Ancient Egyptian terms, is also a crafts person and has her own hobby interests. Yesterday, I got to drive her to a gem and jewelry sale here in town; I always love to go, as this particular trade show is a magnet for the local South Asian community. The place was, as usual, stuffed to the rafters with generations of ladies out for a bargain - you could see young girls, their older sisters, their mothers, their grandmothers, and their aunties in everything from Western casual to saris to kurtas. What I love is the animation of the merchants as they tout their wares to the potential customers, and the equally animated responses of same. Haggling goes on all over the place - the Westerners in the crowd all tend to look baffled, but The Missus dives right in as she's spent time in Saudi and knows the drill. We had a small audience for each of her transactions, as the ladies around her stopped and admired the technique of an American woman who 'got it'. The merchants were equally delighted, and really got into the spirit of the thing, with "special show price, just for you!" with huge smiles. Being the man of the house, I stood around with a dumb look on my face along with all the other menfolk; we know our place - we carry the baggage.

It was simply delightful. The languages, the clothing, the wares on display; all of the jewelry in the the Baahubali series was there, and when I happened to mention this to The Missus a guy standing next to me lit up with a huge smile; obviously, I am an educated and cultured person! The Missus snagged some incredible sari fabric, the likes of which any wealthy clan lady in Jakalla would have swooned over.

I thought of Phil, the whole time. (And Ambereen.) Phil used to run absolutely epic games where we were simply shopping in the bazaar, and we'd have adventures right then and there. He knew everyone in the marketplace, and their wares. It made for some incredible nights in Tekumel.

It was, in short, a grand day out despite the rain. (Ever tried getting yards and yards of raw silk back to the car a block away in the rain? Hoo, boy, was I terrified!) Got home and pulled all the stuff for the game off the shelves and into the new 'Bug Bins', a set of ten plastic tubs with attached lids that exactly fit into Der Bug like they were made for it, and are now what I use to transport stuff to 'away' games. If it don't fit into the bins, it don't go. And room left over for the small luggage, too, so I shall be traveling in comfort.

This is kinda a special event for me; it's my friends' first big game in Ye Classic Olde Style, and I am going to be able to get it all set up and ready before they get there. In short, I'm going to get what I truly love about this hobby, the look of astonishment and wonder on their faces when they see the table.


Photos later on tonight.

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