Saturday, June 9, 2018

Ready For Mayhem - The 5e Group Is Here, Tomorrow!

The game table, set with the village map, and secrets below
The game room, looking north

The same, looking south

The table is set, the floor has rugs, the chairs positioned, and the drinks are on the chill in the little fridge. The Missus has made iced tea, and is happily slicing away with her new slicing machine on the blocks of cheese. Waffle The Wonder Dog has been catered for, with a brand-new water bowl, a second new bowl for her treats, and a bag of treats for same. I'll set out the rest of the snacks tomorrow, right before people get here.

Gaming, as I have mentioned a few times, is - for me and the Missus, anyway - all about having our friends in for an afternoon and/or evening of fun and good times. I'm hoping that we'll have that, tomorrow, and I'll make sure to get photos as we play.

We - the group, that is - are back in the bustling elven village of Cicatri Down, which has been plagued of late by all sorts of strange happenings and the occasional attack by possessed undead. Our recent encounter with some of these has left us in a bit of hurts, although we did manage to rescue some lost children in the process. I'm personally hoping for a quiet rest, although that's about as likely - given this is D&D and Blackmoor - as my seeing porcine aviators whizzing by the windows any time soon.

The game table is set, by the way, with an enlargement of the color map that appears in the PDF of "The Redwood Scar"; my Missus, who is the smart one in the family, enlarged it so that the map's scale of 1" = 5' matches our figures' 25mm - 28mm scale. I should note that the enlarged map has indeed got some pixellation along the edges of buildings, the pond, and other details, but a little work with a wide-tip black marker pretty much fixed the problem; I did this for the buildings, but left all the scenery 'soft' as it looks better that way. (The map, by the way, is 48" x 62", so we'll unroll is a bit as we move around the village.) A few of trees from the shelves, and a couple of statues, and we're ready. I've placed some of the baggage - we have a cart and some draft horses - and we're ready for the game.

Whether or not we're ready for the usual mayhem, that's a different story...

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