Sunday, August 5, 2018

Something Very, Very Cool Happened Today...

I laughed until I cried...

Something really nice and very, very cool happened today. As you,- my Patient Readers - are aware, I've been booked solid for the past couple of months providing scenery, terrain, and refreshments to the amazing people who make up the Shieldmaiden Sundays game group at The Source. Yes, it's been a lot of sweat and effort, but it's all been worth it seeing the looks on their faces and their laughter when they see the game tables that I've been able to build for them to adventure in and on.

That's what gaming is all about for me, and has been for the past four decades; a bunch of friends, gathered around a table and laughing their heads off.

Like in our original Thursday Night Group out at Prof. Barker's, back in the 1980s, this group has some very gifted artists in it. Today, I got a gift from one of them, Chandra Reyer, as a 'thank-you' for helping them out with their adventures.

Visitors to the Workbench have remarked, over the years, at the profusion of pink (and other colors, eventually) plastic flamingos on the lawn, fluttering from banners, and filling the shelves in the game room's Chamber of the Laughing Waters. Yes, there are a lot of them, including the barware and buffet flatware we have in the Game Lounge.

A long time ago, Kathy Marshall did a wonderful painting of Chirine and Si N'te as Gordon R. Dickson and Poul Anderson's Hokas. It has center place on the wall of paintings in the game lounge, and will now have a companion in Chandra's wonderful painting of Chirine The Flamingo Warrior.

Over the decades, I've managed to collect a few awards and 'thank-you' notes; this one is a very special one for me, and I am both very pleased and very humbled to have earned this one.

You're very welcome, Shieldmaidens, all of you.

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