Saturday, December 8, 2018

The Invisible Fat Woman, or , How Not To Make A Sale In Retail

The Missus likes 'em.

I like 'em, too.

Regular readers of this little confection may recall that my birthday comes around at this time of the year. I am now 62 years old; still alive, thankfully, after The Incident although I do have to be careful - I managed to get pretty dehydrated earlier in the week and I really suffered for it. I got back on my water rations, though, and I'm feeling a lot better this weekend.

Every year, about this time, The Missus likes to do a little shopping to get me a surprise foe my birthday. She has a little saving account that she puts money into all year, to pay for gifts over the holidays. She also keeps her eyes open for things that would be useful in our games and which might amuse our friends. This year, she's gotten me some very nifty LED lights with a remote control that will see a lot of use in our games, and she's also looking at some of the pictured buildings for our adventures in Barsoom with Dejah Thoris and John Carter.

This time of the year also sees the annual 'Jubilee Sale' at The Source Comics and Games, and for over a decade The Missus has simply loaded me up with cash and tells me to "Go Forth And Conquer!" at which I smartly mount up, ride forth, and return some hours later laden with loot and treasure. Coincidentally, or not so coincidentally, today's the day of that sale.

And, for the first time in over a decade, I won't be there supporting my FLGS like everyone says I'm supposed to. Part of it are the issues that the store is dealing with:

An even bigger part of it is the treatment that my Missus gets when she goes into game stores; she's commented more then once that she's got superpowers - she's The Invisible Fat Woman. None of the store  staff pay any attention to her, or even seem to notice her presence; which is a pity, as she's the one who makes the purchasing decisions around these parts. I proposes, she disposes, to turn a phrase. She's also noted that none of the denizens of the store, all those 'geek culture' people who are playing games or hanging out in the place, notice her either. She, perhaps unfairly, contrasts this with the outreach and engagement that she's gotten from the rare groups like the Shieldmaidens who take a moment away from their game to say hello.

And her question is: "Why should I spend my money in a place where nobody cares about me?"

The net result is that she's moving away from making her purchases at the local brick and mortar stores, and making them on-line from the people that we've dealt with over time and who have always been very supportive of her and her gaming.

I have no idea if anyone who works for or games at The Source, Dreamer's Vault, or Tower Games will ever read this blog post; I doubt it, frankly. But if you do, maybe say hello to that person who comes in your door or is standing next to your game table; you might make a sale, or get a new player for your favorite game.

EDIT / UPDATE: And an update. The manager at the Dreamer's Vault game store near where we live stepped up and dealt with my Missus yesterday in a very welcoming, polite, and intelligent manner. She was very happy with that, and he got the sale.

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