Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The Beginnings Of The Beginnings - Weekly Update - January 8th, 2019

I'll have better photos later on...

Well, it has been a very good couple of weeks' vacation. Lots of stuff got moved, and even more stuff sorted into bins for later, but I'm down to the details and getting the miniatures table cleaned off. I'm happy with the results; better access to the book library, better access to the miniatures collection, and access all the way around the table when we play. The northern half of the room is now clear and open for all sorts of things; in addition to 'straight RPGs', we also have the room for people to paint miniatures, read books, and watch movies in a higher degree of comfort. Lots and lots of folding furniture that can be assembled in all sorts of ways, so we are going to be in much better shape then we were over a decade when we first started to use the part of the basement as a game room

To say that I have learned a lot in that decade of gaming would be an understatement.

Many things have changed; instead of one big game group, several small ones with fewer people; net result: more actual game play, with less crowding. Better catering, what with the tea bar, and the buffet table rolls away under the game table when not in use for more room on the floor. More room for campaign maps, with all of Phil's 'northwest continent' on display with lots of blank spaces yet to be filled in by heroic adventurers. Better access to the Tekumel collection, so people can come over and read his texts - yes, I have been getting requests for this.

And, in classic campaign gaming style, the miniatures now have their own room; I can leave games up as long as I need to, as I can still run a second game in the other side of the space. And, as one player pointed out, if it's a 'You-go, I-go' sort of game, then the 'off side' can sit in comfort while their opponents work out what to do. Lots of the small space heaters for the winters, here in the northwoods, and central air conditioning for the summers. I'm happy. :)

What we're going back to is what I used to do in my old apartment, with the 4' x 8' game table, back in the day; invite friends over for an afternoon or evening of fun. In effect, I'm turning back the clock to that time and place, and I think we'll have some fun doing it.

More to come!

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