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The Effect Of Weather On Gaming - The Logistics Issue

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From Scott Anderson - February 21, 2019 at 12:30 PM

Does more snow mean more gaming, or less?

More, actually, now that most of my gaming take place here at the House of Wonders. (1)

The sheer agony of moving out of the basement and into the transport vehicles during the winter makes gaming outside the basement a sheer pain in the tush. The shed out back where most of my 'large game stuff' lives in their transport tubs was buried by three-foot-high snow drifts this winter, and I jus got into the shed yesterday to get out the decor for this weekend's Tsolyani New Year's Party & Game Session. (2)

There are three conventions in the February - March period (Con of the North, MarsCon, and Gary Con)and since I have to book my time off well in advance and make the hotel reservations and do the event registrations a year out, it's a crap shoot betting on my being able to actually get to the convention. Likewise, getting to the local game venues is just as difficult; my style of Big Miniatures / Big Braunsteins means that doing a game at the game shop five minutes from the house is just as much logistical work as doing Gary Con in Lake Geneva. The only difference in the trips is the time I'm on the road, and that gets old in the winter when you're driving for any length of time.

It's been suggested that I should / need / must change my style of gaming to that of the folks at the game stores, where it's a battle mat and a couple of pre-painted figures. My kind of game, where you have a 120" x 60" table covered with scenery like the ones I did for the Shieldmaidens, is most assuredly not that kind of gaming. I certainly don't mind or denigrate what I consider a sort of 'minimalist' / 'theater of the mind' kind of game - it's just not what I like or what I like to run for people.

Redoing the basement game room ha really made a huge difference in my gaming; I can now have ten people in for a big game like the one we just had - photos and report forthcoming! - without having to book the venue, make all the reservations, handle the catering, and haul everything up out of the basement and out of the shed while freezing my fingers off.

Yes, winter does get old, up here in the North Woods. But is has made for better and more frequent gaming.

Footnote (1): The Shieldmaidens have taken to calling our house the 'House of Wonders' because of all the cool stuff stashed away in the odd corners. I'll take that, and we're getting a nameplate engraved.

Footnote (2): Traditionally, I've held a Tsolyani New Year's party the first game session after the spring equinox, to mark the change in phil's Long Count of years. Since I now have two game groups, the decor will stay up for both. I'd like to think Phil would have approved. There will be cake, or some sort of treats.

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  1. For some folks, part of the joy of the hobby is the minis and scenery and super high production values. It recommends you that you have the patience and focus to make big beautiful tables like that!