Saturday, January 4, 2020

Packed And Ready For Mayhem!!!

So, we're all packed and loaded for tomorrow's game. I am not running this clambake; it's the awesome Miss Gillian The Great And Powerful, our very own professional Klingon, fresh from her theatrical triumph as Zuzu The Klingon Teenager in the recent production of that holiday classic "It's an Honorable Life". (Google search it; I'm not making this stuff up. Nobody could) She's running one of her rip-snortin', rootin'-tootin' adventures in the same jugular vein as dear old Mr. Arneson himself. The Official Announcement on The Shieldmaidens' Facebook page said only this:

Tomorrow's GM at her work

Investigate the background and territory of Queen Shaadi's suitor in a delightful seaside port. The Earl says that there are *NO* pirates in his town. Definitely, none.

 What worried me, aside  from her calling me at 10:15 pm on Thursday for a game on Sunday, was has asking several times if I had any ducks in stock. Not the amphibious trucks, but the waddling-and-quacking kind. Last time around, it was chickens, and things got really wild in very short order. I am not playing in this game, otherwise I'd be very, very afraid...

So, we're off again to the seaside. Bring a pail and shovel.

I'll be up early to get out the door and loaded in at the FLGS where this is all happening, and it should be a fun day. I put the blank memory card in my camera, so we should have photos of the mayhem as it happens...


  1. Ducks! You know:

  2. Exactly! The GM and the rest of the Shieldmaidens had never heard of Gloriantha, which astonished me...