Thursday, March 26, 2020

Coping - Making Lemonade Out Of Lemons

I choose the DVD to match the project on the table...

It's now official; the Governor of Minnesota has issued a 'stay at home' order that starts at midnight tomorrow night. I got some shopping done today to fill in the nooks and crannies of our cabinets; I do not expect any interruptions in the supply chain, but I'm making sure that if anything happened to me, The Missus has some margin for problems.

We are both in good shape; Herself, because of her medical issues, usually leads a solitary life anyway; I have, to be blunt, desperately needed a long vacation for several years. Over the past week, I've restarted a number of stalled projects as well as starting to repair the damage done to the house and the yard by last year's contractors.

It's quiet, and I like quiet. Last week's uncertainty has now given way to The Plan, for us anyway, and we're doing well. Herself has the Internet - she's currently looking for cheap Panzer IVH models, to give our friends a thrill on the game table - and I've been doing the household routines, some writing, and popping a DVD in the machine and firing up the plasma screen for evenings of building and painting. I'm finally getting a lot done, at my usual levels of productivity, and I have to say that after several years of 'dry spell' it's nice to be back in the saddle.

The figures for the Sturmgeschutz and Sorcery game are now all built, and in the final throes of the painting process. Currently up on the table are the main opponents for the Shieldmaidens in the forthcoming Dark Ages campaign; I also sourced a very nice Revell 1/50 Viking longship for them to sail to Britannia with, in company with the old resin longship we had gotten years ago. The Revell ship is an example of 'thinking sideways'; it's sold as some sort of 'cursed ghost ship', with a jar of glow-in-the-dark paint to be slathered all over it. I shall do nothing of the kind, and just get on with it as your stock-and-standard Viking raider.

I'm also glad that we're past last week's excitements for a slightly different reason. It's now been eight years since we lost Phil, and I keep thinking of him as I sit at the painting table; he used to cackle with unholy glee when he was painting his own figures, and I now really have a good understanding why he did - building for games, like I'm doing now and imagining the looks  on people's faces when they discover The Dire Peril is doing a lot to keep me going these days.

My players may not be thrilled, like we weren't when Phil unleashed whatever new figures he'd painted on the table, but hey - we had one heck of a lot of fun. And we'll have fun, again; after we come out the other side of these times, the screams of glee and terror will once again be heard around the game table.

To quote an old friend, who will be saying this in the future:

"Hey! What's that under the camo net?" (screams of terror)
"Oh My God!!!" (cries of glee)
"Chirine, you bastard!!!" (cackle from Yours Truly)

So, Phil, here's to you; you're helping us get through some bad times, with the promise ot better times to come...

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  1. "the screams of glee and terror will once again be heard around the game table."

    YES! Amen to that.