Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Oh, The Things I Do For My Players

I like diecast toys. And they look good on the table, too.
You never have enough supplies for your campaign.
The Palace - overview sheet
Map tile 'A', 2' x 2' for miniatures

 First, the important news; The Missus and I are well, and dealing with the current situation. She, because of her own medical issues and disabilities, is normally a stay-at-home shut-in, so she's already pretty much isolated from the outside world except through the Internet. I have been doing an one-day-on-one-day-off schedule to run down some of my 350+ hours of vacation time, and this has now been changed to paid-leave-until-further-notice. I also have 400+ hours of actual sick leave built up, so we are in good shape in that direction. We are being very careful, and we've post-poned all our activities for the next two weeks. We'll keep watching the situation, and deal with is as things come up.

One of the fruits of The Missus being The Queen Of The Internet is that she's very, very good at sourcing materials for my gaming. A long time ago, some friends gave me a 1:43 diecast T-34/85 and an Su-100, and I've treasured them for two decades. Herself bought me the Bad Squiddo 'Red Army Women' to give them a little infantry support. The two armored vehicles were made by Arsenal in Russia, and were part of a line of six; Herself found the entire set for a very good price - these actually cost less then the Warlord plastic kits. So, the Shieldmaidens now have a battlegroup of two tanks, two self-propelled guns, a platoon of infantry with some heavy weapons, and a bunch of trucks and jeeps to move the whole circus around the battlefield for both the upcoming teaching game and the Sturmgeschutz and Sorcery game. Mayhem should ensue.

The teaching game involves the Russians trying to capture a supply dump, and...

"I hear you're sending us to raid a supply dump," says the frowning Zuzu The Klingon Teenager, "That doesn't sound very honorable."

"It's an enemy supply dump, guarded by elite troops armed with heavy weapons. It'll be a tough fight."

"Ah! That's all right then," she said with a big smile breaking out on her face, "That will be fine! You're a very nice person, despite being a Federation Star Fleet officer." (1)

Sheesh. Oh, the things I have to put up with for good gaming. I'll bet Gary, Dave, and Phil didn't have to worry about getting knifed by Klingon teenaged gamers with high standards.

Supply dumps are usually full of things like crates, barrels, and sacks and my collection of supplies for my campaigns are no exception. Various people have added to it over the years, the most recent additions being cast-resin items brought back from Gary Con last year by two old friends - "We figured you could find a use for it." - and some nifty 3-D printed items from my friends in Alabama.

All this stuff comes in handy when the fighting erupts, and there's nothing funnier then the look on a player's face when you're telling them that the sack of 'taters they're hiding behind just got vaporized.

And we do use maps, to. I've depicted a floor plan map of Lord Chirine's current lodgings in the Nyemesel Isles. I did this as a set of 2' x 2' 'tiles' for 25 / 28mm figures, and we've play-tested it enough - there has been a lot of broken furniture and shattered crockery from my players - and I'm now at the point where I think I can safely start building the place as a model for gaming in. I have lots of detail items, so I can furnish the place properly; and I have alternate fittings for when Dejah Thoris or Seti I comes by for adventures. I expect I'll manage to stay busy, during my leave, getting this and another major project done.

And the games will resume; we'll get through this.

(Note 1: I got my commission from Gene Roddenberry's Lincoln Enterprises back in 1968. You sent in your money, and you got back your certificate.)


  1. Glad you're doing alright. And I remember Lincoln Enterprises, although I don't recall what I might've ordered from them. I had access to the NY cons, as well as The Federation Trading Post, so I was always dragging stuff home!

  2. Glad to hear your both okay. Take care!

  3. Glad to hear you and the missus are well! I love the bad Squiddo minis too!

  4. Same here, Chirine. Using this at-home time to build stuff for my upcoming games: a steampunk dungeon, a whole tavern, and some other, nastier bits, too.
    (I'll send you a picture of the "Elder Brain" I'm working on. It's beautifully gross!)

    Take care!