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Current Games and Campaigns:

As of July, 2020, I am not running any games or campaigns due to the current pandemic. I will try to reopen as soon as I can.


  1. I can't join in any of your games due to being on the West Coast, but I am curious if you plan to use a published set of rules for your "Swords of Helium!" or a variation of Phil's style of play. I myself plan to use Modiphius' "John Carter RPG" someday.

    Cheers & looking forward to notes on your Barsoomian and Ancient Egypt campaign.

  2. Thank you for the nudge on this. My second group fell apart and is possibly reforming; both are on hold due to the pandemic.

    I'd been hoping to use Phil and Dave's style of game play for the proposed campaigns. However, after trying to elicit interest in this locally, I've given up on the idea, as the trend in local gaming is to use only 'name brand games' in short, two- to three-hour one-shots at the FLGS. Since the issues with my figures prevents my gaming at the FLGS, this will be a in-house / at-home campaign setting.

    I think you'll get a lot of good gaming out of the "John Carter" game. I looked it over, and the game mechanics seem very different to anything I'm used to - but I put that down to not having played much of anything in modern games.

    Run it! Have fun with it! :)