The Rules Of Engagement - Under Construction - Please Be Patient

The Rules of Engagement - Updated

These are the ground rules for dealing with me and my style of gaming.
Please feel free to ask me about these, if you have questions.

Times and dates I’m available:
 I am available Saturdays, 10:00 am to 10:00 pm; and Sundays, 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. (These are very firm limits). I am not available on holidays.

What I Support In My Gaming:
I do not support any particular game system or particular set of rules. I do support several world-settings and historical periods:
Ancient Egypt, New Kingdom; Ancient Egypt, during the Successor Wars; Naval Actions, 500 BCE to 1650 CE
Ancient Aegyptus, as seen in Technicolor Hollywood epics; Barsoom, by Edgar Rice Burroughs; Tekumel, by M. A. R. Barker; Swashbuckling, as per lots and lots of 1950s and 1960s Hollywood epics.

I usually run my games in the style of Maj. David Wesely’s original ‘Braunstein’ style of games. Likewise, I run my games in the style of Dave Arneson, M. A. R. Barker, and Gary Gygax. I suggest having a look at my YouTube channel for a game that I ran for a sample of this. The link to this is on the main page of this blog.

'Internal' / 'at home' events:
I run my campaign games here at home in my game room.  The campaigns generate the battles. I do not run 'one-off' battles or games, here at the house.

Access to my games is primarily electronic, either through the Internet or by teleconference; we are equipped for both. (Please contact me for the details.) Generally, I run my campaign games as play-by-post games, using e-mails as the method of transmitting orders. I am able to send 'recon photos' back to players.

Due to my wife's health issues, we are not able to provide access to our house over and above access to the game room and related facilities. We will be happy to provide iced tea, lemonade, and hot water in season, and a small 'dorm fridge' is available for the use of the game group.

'External' / 'outside' events:
Larger table games, which are usually 'one-off' miniatures battles from the various genres I support, and which use the 60” x 90” and  60” x 120” table sizes, or are floor games) will have to be run in an external venue, such as a convention, game shop, or other space. I have done an Events Guide For Events Organizers to help with this; please ask me for a copy. Larger events must be scheduled well in advance, depending on table size and venue required. (If there is a cost to reserve external venues, you will be required to pay for this.) You will also need to discuss any logistical issues arising from the use of an external venue with me before you schedule the event; this last has been a problem since 2013. These issues are addressed in the Events Guide.

I can run events at venues within a forty-five minute drive from my home in south Minneapolis with no problems. Events taking place at longer distances will require the event organizer to provide me with a sleeping room overnight for each day I am expected to be present and running games at the event. Due to my health issues, I am not able to run events that take place more then eight hours' drive away from my house, unless overnight sleeping rooms en route are provided. Due to the costs of my wife's health issues, I am not able to subsidize any 'external' events taking place more then a forty-five minute drive away from our house. I will be happy to provide specific costs for specific events on request.