Saturday, February 4, 2012

The new edition of the blog

This is the successor to the old version of the blog I did, and the old links should take you here from there. I may not like the new format, but Blogger is free so I won't complain.

The old blog ran from June of 2009 to November of 2011, and had 21,128 page views during the lifetime of the thing. All of the old posts have been deleted from the old blog, and I will be rebuilding both the content and indexing of a lot of that material as I go along. Please be patient, and I'll get as much back on-line as I can in this Brave New World that I now live in.

I do not know if I will bring back the Photobucket pages with all of the photos I've been taking of games and miniatures; we've had to delete about ten percent of the images (so far, 372 out of 3,970) for legal reasons, but there's been no real loss of the data. The look and feel of the games and events are still there, so I don't think there'll be a problem.

So, we'll see how this goes. It's going to be a much more personal blog, this time around, and I'l setting some terms and conditions right from the start. There's a page link over to the left, and I'd suggest that you have a look once and a while.

Oh, yeah; one other thing...

I spent my ten days of vacation over the holidays out at Phil's, helping Ambereen out with both Phil's health care and some household stuff. The Great Schism, as some have called it, is officially closed.

Thanks for your time with the old blog, and I hope that you'll like this new version.