Sunday, July 29, 2012


A number of milestones to note, this month...

    It's been just over a year since Prof. Barker had us move his collection into storage and thence into preservation, restoration and publication; the grand totals, in broad terms, are:

    600 cubic feet of materials;
    2,300 pounds of paper;
    575 pounds of miniatures;
    10,000 pages of paper documents;
    10,000 pages of digital documents;
    2,500 images in both paper and digital format;
    60 maps, including a globe of Tekumel.

We're now starting to catalog and index the collection, and there will be frequent updates from the Tekumel Foundation as we move forward.

    It's been a decade since the Aethervox Gamers got going, and people have come and gone over the years as their time and interest has allowed. The group has seen a lot of changes, some good and some bad, but we're still here. Gaming in Phil's world has become more and more the center of what we do, and we're working on concentrating on that. The game room has been getting updated with new paint, new shelves, and new technology in what little free time I've had; we'll keep working on that.

    I'm also reconfiguring my miniatures interests to match; my old Hinchcliffe Martian figures are going off to a friend in the UK who has been a huge (and patient!) help, and the rest of the non-Tekumel figures will follow as soon as I get them all sorted out. We'll still keep all of the terrain and scenery that we've been using over the years, but our emphasis is going to be entirely on Tekumel for the future.

    More news as I have the chance, of course...

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