Sunday, August 26, 2012

Chris Davis on the Tekumel Foundation's blog...

Temple of Ksarul dagger; it's the best I could come up with on short notice as a lead-in to Chris Davis.

Chris Davis, who did the Blue Room Archive of messages to and from Professor Barker, has posted his notes and thoughts about the recent strategic planning meetings that the Tekumel Foundation recently held. The link to this is:

If you are interested in Tekumel, have a look, and offer a comment or two.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Dawn Patrol, or, Beating the Incoming Rain...

Left to Right: The 42" x 42" lift plate for the Temple of Vimuha, the crates for the three castles (flat-packed) and the modular city wall set (built and on casters), and the newly refurbished box for the mighty Temple of Vimuhla itself.

We never sleep here at the Workbench, or so it seems. I was able to get all the remaining components for the crate system we'll need for the Professor's set of scale buildings done last night, and as we're looking at rain for the rest of the day I was up at dawn to move everything into the van for the trip to the office.

The Temple's box looks pretty good; I first built it for the Professor some thirty years ago, and I think the first photo that I have of it in action was taken by Dave Arneson at Origins at Dallas, Texas, in 1982. (This was after I traded Dave to another dealer at the convention for three dancing girls, much to Gary Gygax's later amusement; Dave didn't harbor any ill will, and thought that it was a fair trade.) I re-used all of the original plywood, and framed up the inside of the box with 2" x 2"; it will hold up the Temple nicely, especially with the new 1/2" lifting plate that I made to support the Temple's original 3/16" plywood base. It was all a lot of work, taking up all of my free time this week to get the job done in the back yard and dodge the week's rain and storms, but the hard part is now all done. I can move the boxes over to the office later, and move on to new projects.

Oh, and the Temple? For people who haven't seen it, check out my post of April of this year:

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Box Score from the weekend...

For those of you who collect statistics, the weekend's move of Professor Barker's Tekumel collection came to:

Six loads / trips in a GMC Astro cargo van;

158 boxes and blueprint flats;

3,000 pounds of paper;
an estimated 10,000 pages of paper documents going as far back as the 1930's;
an estimated 10,000 pages of digital documents dating from the early 1980s to the present;
2,000 3" x 5" index cards with all of the Professor's NPCs and PCs for his Tekumel game sessions;

one globe of Tekumel, not yet complete;
over 60 maps, most larger then 17" by 24";
over 2,400 items of artwork and images;

3 pounds of dice of all kinds;

575 pounds of miniature figures;
roughly 150 hand-carved wooden figures from the 1930s and 1940s
one 25mm scale, 5' by 5', modular ancient / fantasy walled city, with working drawbridges and gates;
one 25mm medieval castle, with complete interior;
one 25mm Scottish tower house, with complete interior;
one 25mm Temple of Vimuhla, 40" x 40" x 35" tall, with complete interior;

Oh, yeah, one more thing:

A little 10" long model of one of the Tsolyani river dispatch dispatch boats that I made for him a very long time ago; he saved the spare oars I gave him, so I'll be fixing up the little boat to once again carry messages and players around his creation.

And a Very Special Thank-you to the Stalwart Nlyss, The Lovely Thiolleb, and That Nice Mr. Alberti for helping move all of this; the freight elevator was out of service, so we had to lug the stuff in through the front door and up some steps.

And now, if no one minds, I shall soak in a hot bath and see if my back will recover. Then I start unpacking...

Monday, August 13, 2012

A pause in the midst of the lift-and-carry...

Deborah Paget

A short pause, in the midst of a month of moving; all of the old shelves are now gone from the Professor's old third-floor library / office, and are now back up and doing their duty in the new offices of The Tekumel Foundation. I still have to move one-hundred and sixty-four boxes, weighing in at about three thousand pounds, but that's for the coming weekend. Unpacking? Well, that's for the last weekend of the month. Somebody's got to do it, and that's what being an Archivist is all about.

June Duprez

So, I hear you ask, who are these two lovely ladies? Surely, oh sages, you all remember the artwork done by Professor Barker in the 1950s of the wizard Nyelmu gazing upon the Princess Ma'in hi Tlakotani with his Globe of Distant Discernment? These two actresses were both in movies that the Professor had suggested to me, "Indian Tomb" by Fritz Lang (yes, that Fritz Lang!) and "Thief of Baghdad (1936)" by the Korda brothers. Have a look; you'll be amused...

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Tekumel Foundation office! Rejoice!

The Tekumel Foundation has posted information about the new office they've gotten on their blog:

As might be guessed, in my capacity as Archivist for the Professor's collection I'm dang pleased, but as the owner of a cargo van that will take up to 64 packing boxes at a time, I have mixed emotions...

Lots of changes, here at the Workbench, as a result of this; the mannequins The Missus bought me and the costumes she and I have made for Tekumel over the years will be on display along with the Temple of Vimuhla, and not mouldering in the basement getting shoved around to make room for visiting family or gaming folks. It's going to be one heck of a lot of work, but I think Tekumel will come out much better and stronger for the hard work...

And that, folks, is what Phil wanted and Ambereen wants. Ain't nuthin' much more to say, after that...