Friday, September 28, 2012


Sent to me by my youngest daughter; might apply, looks like an improvement.

I am doing better today, and I can say that I have been getting better all week. I had an appointment just a week ago with my doctors, which in turn was a week after The Incident, and they say that except for absurdly high blood pressures I'm basically healthy. So, no more things that get my blood pressure up; lots of rest, and lots of painting figures, I'm told; the goal is bring my blood pressure down from the observed 220 over 180 I presented at the hospital two weeks ago with a much more survivable 140 over something. It's pretty simple, really; I get upset, my blood pressure goes up, I bleed out, and I die. Pretty straightforward, really.

In practical terms, what this all means is that I get recertified to be able to drive a motor vehicle and go back to work next week; I get to sleep and rest up as much as I can; and I get to stay away from any sort of 'business' activity that might get me upset. I've had a lot of that last, over this past year, and it really did contribute to me having to get my head drilled out for drainage holes; having an 'old friend' certify that I "was unsuited to represent Tekumel in public", and the further antics that cost me $800 in legal fees, really didn't help. "Well," he said "but we don't want Jeff talking to the Tekumel Foundation," - and this to Mrs. Ambereen Barker, who is the Tekumel Founation, mostly, and while this same person wasn't helping out with Professor Barker's health care; I and my extended family was, along with the directors of the Foundation.

I accepted the job of Archivist for the Professor's collections at his and Ambereen's request; I'll keep that job, because I promised them I'd do it. I will not be involved on the 'business' side of the house, as that's the domain of the Tekumel Foundation; talk to them, if you have any 'business' issues, and not to me; I'm not going to be able to handle them, anymore. I will still answer your questions, but only via e-mail; I cannot do phone calls, especially during my work shifts and sleep periods. Sorry!

I will also be dropping my limited participation in any on-line forums; I don't have the energy for it, anymore, and I have to say that I don't seem to have the patience to keep explaining the same thing over and over and over again. Buy Jon Peterson's book: Trust me; he's got something in it to offend all of you out there in Internetland, both Arnesonians and Gygaxians. He's saying the same things that I've been saying for years, and backed it up with the documents.

So, that's where things are; me, flat on my back with occasional excursions to the bathroom (Kidneys and bowels working just fine, thank you!) and a very sore neck. I do really appreciate all your kind thoughts in your comments and e-mails, as well as the cards that have come in the mail; they are very welcome, especially right now. I plan on being here for a long time; I just have to be a whole lot more careful, these days.

Just one or two more things, though...

Phil's Tekumel, you see, still lives on. Just because I've taken a major hit doesn't mean that Tekumel is in bad shape; people still play, like John Till, Brett Slocum, and Rob Leduc. And that's what Phil said he wanted. "Here's my world." he once said to me, "here, have fun with it." My only comment is that it's all too easy to get bogged down in "realism", of once sort of another. I don't worry about realism, but then again I never did play any RPGs; I played something called "Tekumel" with some guy named Barker, something called "Blackmoor" with some guy named Arneson, and eventually something called "Greyhawk" with a guy named Gygax. No 'realism', no 'editions', just some old farts sitting around a table telling tall tales.

"We made some stuff up, and we had fun." Some guy named Dave to some guy named Jon. And that, folks, is what sums it all up for me. I'll still be around, and posting here, about how I make some stuff up and have some fun. You're all still welcome to come along for the ride, too...

Thanks again! More later!!! - yours, chirine


  1. Hi Jeff,
    sorry to hear about your troubles, but I am also happy to see that you are doing better. I agree that Peterson's book is a really good read. Thanks for your support and contributions at the Comeback Inn. Hope you stay in touch :)

    1. Thank you for the very kind thoughts! I will indeed stay in touch; the Comeback Inn is one of the very few on-line sites that doesn't get my blood pressure skyrocketing!!!

  2. Chirine,
    Just now catching up on a months worth of posts and I'm very very glad to know you are doing alright. Take care amigo.

    1. Thank you! Hugely enjoying your work, of course, and following your blog; it's one of the few on-line sites where the discourse is both polite and educated!