Saturday, November 24, 2012

OMG!!! The Gygax Family Feud

No, she has nothing to do with the text, but I think she's pretty. She's also a Hot Elf Chick, which fulfills the requirements of the D & D Internet meme / zeitgeist. No idea who the artist is, but I'll find out and let you know. Maybe he / she takes commissions...

Normally, I try really hard to stay away from 'current affairs', as I find that they take away from my painting time and merely gets my blood pressure up. However, the plumbing runs down hill, as the old joke goes, and I always seem to be downhill. This came across the Internet news wires over the holiday:

You'll forgive me if I shrieked. This is a Public Relations Nightmare of the very first order, and whomever leaked the original information about the magazine needs to be smacked up the side of the head for being a stupid idiot.

My advice, for what little that's going to be worth, is that the whole family needs to collect their used socks, stuff them into the mouths of everyone they know in gaming who might possibly be the 'leaker', and retire to a locked conference room with their lawyers to get this worked out as fast as possible.

Folks, this is the age of the Internet forum and e-mail. Feuds that used to take years to develop in gaming and fandom now explode across the world in minutes, and cause immense amounts of hard to whatever project you might be trying to float.

The 'game industry' is really very, very tiny, and the 'game hobby' isn't much bigger. And there's an awful lot of people who want to be a really big fish in what's a really small pond, and who are really very, very insecure. Unfortunately, they also tend to be your biggest fans. And they'll leak anything you tell them in order to make themselves look good, which is what I'm betting happened here. And look at the results...

Move now. Settle this issue. Send out a press release as soon as possible. Otherwise, you are all dead on arrival.

Sorry about this rant; I knew Gary, and liked him; I'm very sorry to see this happening.

Now, back to our regular programming!


  1. Calm down Chirine! Go back tothe workbench and lower your blood pressure, we need you to be around for some time.


    1. Great advice, and I have applied the cold packs and am having a nice lie-down listening to my favorite classical music. Blood pressure has dropped like the proverbial rock, and I'll be back on The Workbench later this afternoon after my lunch.

      I really hope that they get this fixed, and the magazine is a success.

      yours, chirine

  2. I like the elf girl :)

    I will second your best wishes for the Gygax family and the magazine :)


    1. Thank you! I agree with you; I really hope that they get the thing to fly, and get the issues sorted out in private.