Thursday, February 7, 2013

Games Workshop's Legal Department Is After You!!!

By order of Games Workshop(TM), you are no longer allowed to use the words "space" and marine" in any combination, in any media, and in any way. These words are trademarked by Games Workshop(TM), and you must not use them without the express permission and under the provisions of  the Intellectual Property Policies(c)(TM) of Games Workshop(TM).

What the heck is all this about?


The issue has gone viral on the Internet in the past 48 hours, and there's going to be a lot of hoo-hah about it for quite a while. Mind you, I happen to be a strong advocate of both copyright and trademark protection, but there's a hard way to do this and an easy way to do this; see also the brilliant letter sent by the lawyers representing the Jack Daniels whisky brand:

From my point of view, as both a founding member of GAMA and as a gamer, I think somebody in Nottingham needs to have some words with the lawyers that the company has on retainer; this is shaping up to be a massive public relations nightmare.

Lordy, Lordy; what a nightmare...


  1. I know. It's like that McDonalds fiasco in Scotland where they tried to close down a locally owned place using their family name!

  2. Thank you for your comment! This can't end well...

    yours, Chirine

  3. When I was living in Slovakia, Budweiser tried to sue Budvar (Budweiser in German, the many-century old brewery that it took it's name from, from using it's own name outside of the Czech Republic. It actually won here in the US I believe and Budvar has had to go by something ridiculous like Czechovar. The balls on corporations these days.

  4. GW have for years behaved like total assholes, because they can. Selling minis brings in so much money common sense left the building ages ago...

    If people just stopped buying their stuff. But, this will just get worse. Vote with your wallet and all that. I haven't given them a penny for twenty years, and never will again.

  5. When I look back to the beginnings of Warhammer 40k and recall how you were encouraged to build and develop your own equipment for example, and to bring non-Games Workshop elements into play, I'm saddened by what the company has become.

    1. Thank you for your comment, and I couldn't agree more. It's very sad to watch, and the PR hit is going to be enormous.