Friday, February 8, 2013

More on Games Workshop and "Spots the Space Marine"

I am happy to be able to report that has replaced the e-book version of "Spots the Space Marine" on their site; may I suggest you might want to have a look for this book, and that if you like it to support the author by purchasing a copy either there or on SmashWords. Thanks!

M. C. A. Hogarth has done a podcast interview about this issue, which I'd like to suggest is worth watching:

May I also suggest looking in at the BBC story about this as well?

I've ben asked why this is such an important story, and why I'm so worked up about it. Well, here's a few reasons:

1) I support the responsible use of trademark and copyright law to encourage authors and artists in their work. GW seems to think that using it to bully indie authors is responsible behavior; I think not, and so do quite a few lawyers who are offering her their help.

2) I have some very personal reasons why I support Ms. Hogarth:

    I'm now 57 years old.

    I read my first science fiction and fanasy books when I was ten years old.

    I went to my first science fiction convention when I was fourteen years old.

    I grew up with people like Isaac Asimov, Robert E. Heinlein, Cliff Simak, Gordon R. Dickson, Larry Niven, Poul Anderson, Robert Asprin. Forrest J. Ackerman, and Lin Carter. I read their books, talked to them at conventions, and became a much better and enculturated person for it.

    I became involved in gaming in 1975. I worked with and for David L. Arneson, and with and for Prof. M. A. R. Barker. I was a founding member of GAMA, the gaming business and trade show organization. If you've read Jon Peterson's "Playing at the World", his book about the origins of role-playing games, you've read about my life.

    I've been a 'fan' for a very long time; I've won awards for my costumes, helped run over 500 conventions, and ran a major department of the World Con committee several times. I ran the largest and financially most successful game convention here in the Twin Cities, and I still run games for the Aethervox Gamers as well. I've been 'Chirine ba Kal', "that guy from Tekumel", for over thirty years.

    I have, one might say, 'been around the block' a few times.

    I have four adopted daughters who came to me through and because of all of the above; they chose to be my family, because they thought that Janet and I were worth it. Because of them, and my brand-new grandson (three weeks old!), I'm supporting Ms. Hogarth; I've tried to teach my family to be good and decent people, and I prefer to lead 'from the front' and by example.

3) And one very important reason:

    My brother, Steven, was a Marine; he was on guard duty in Beruit when it happened. Ms. Hogarth gives up a portion of her royalties to a charity for wounded soldiers. Enough said, I think.

Thanks for your time.

yours, Chirine

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  1. Good points made in the posts. Congrats on the first grandchild....I have (hopefully!) a few years to go before mine but with 4 munchkins I hope to grow old with mini munchkins on my knee.