Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Weekly Update for Sunday, February 17th, 2013

The TSR RPGA miniatures case I got at a Gen-Con at U of Wisconsin - Parkside,
from some guy named Gary Gygax. Still have it, too. Still have the miniatures, as well.

It has been a very good week, here at The Workbench. My blood pressure has been in the 'normal human' range all week, and I feel pretty darn good. Of course, I'm also now being darn careful, as I don't need to fall back from where I am...


New Grandson Ian is doing well; sleeping, eating, and pooping per the usual way of babies. Mother Thiolleb and father The Stalwart Nlyss are coping, with the help of her mom. More news as I get it, of course.


I'm still on the Missuma River with Chirine, at the local festival. I hope to have the update on the book for you later this week. It was one of the better nights with Phil, as it was one of his little 'mini-series' story arcs, and I'm trying to do it justice.


Con of the North, our local game convention, is this weekend, and both Brett Slocum and John Till are running games set in Tekumel. I supplied some miniatures, both lead and cardstock, to the guys, and got to see them in action Friday night. I had a lot of fun on my outing, and didn't have any issues with the old BP.

The convention, which has suffered for years from the relatively small size of the function space in their hotel, will be moving next year to a much larger venue with 38,000 square feet of conference pace - more then double the 13,000 square feet of this year's venue. Brett and John have been talking about doing a Tekumel-themed game room for the entire weekend, and I will support that effort any way I can. I have literally cases / boxes of event management materials here at The Workbench, from ID badge holders to label sheets to table easels, and all of this will be committed to the event if they want to use them.


I've been having a lovely day, yesterday and today, sorting miniatures in the game room. I am in the throes of reorganizing the some 5,200 miniatures in my collection, into the primarily Tekumel collections (military / wargame and RPG oriented divisions), and the 'generic' collections of figures that are more oriented to the world-settings of the local 'indie' game authors / publishers.


I have arrived on the Internet! I may have picked up my very own troll (see the "Spots the Space Marine" update from yesterday, in the 'comments' section), and I think this is great! From the vocabulary and syntax, this may be a guy who was trolling both Frothers ( and LAF (the Lead Adventure Forum) under a different name. I'm amused, really.

I feel really honored that my stand on the "Spots" issue has garnered this kind of Internet attention; I've never had a resident troll before, and I promise to love him and keep him and pet him and hug him and call him George.

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