Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekly Update for Sunday, February 24th, 2013

38 pounds of steel, brass, and leather.
And I'm told I don't know how to dress properly!
Lots going on this past week, but I'll try to be concise. First, my blood pressure has been stable all week in the 120 to 130 over reasonable range, and I'm feeling a lot better. The downside is that I'm sleeping a lot more, which may be a sign that I'm finally healing up.


Work on the miniatures collection has been going on for the past two weeks; I'm in the throes of re-basing and reorganizing the entire collection of some 5,200 figures. Back when I started the collection, about 1975 or so, the idea was to have as many military units of the Five Empires as possible, and some  'personality' figures for role-playing games. Well, whaddya know, eh? RPGs are now mostly what we do, all these years later, so I'm reorganizing the collection and the storage system to reflect that. Yes, I'm still building units for the 'big battles', but those are going to be Occasions while the RPGs are the bread-and-butter of the gaming we do.

I'm also re-basing figures to move away from the old 25mm x 25mm square base for RPG figures that I used to use back in the day, and moving to 25mm or 30mm round bases from Litko for the individual figures. There's a little difference in combat power in my rules as a result, but nothing really different. They do look better, though!


The game group will be doing two 'open events' this spring: Yet another David L. Arneson Memorial Maritime Miniatures Mayhem event, featuring the infamous Harchar and his merry crew, and a new event tentatively titled "The Mohammed Abd Rahman Barker Pro-Am Invitational Open Miniatures Frolic" where we'll run a game based on something Phil was fond of. It might be from his world-creation, or it might be something else. Watch this space!


"To Serve The Patal Throne" has reached a milestone, of sorts. I am now up to 74,996 words in the draft, and just finishing up the festival in the village on the Missuma River where Chririne and his friends have been for a while. I also have drafted the scenes where Chirine has a run-in with Deq Dimani, Chirine and Vrisa enjoy the lovely scenery in Milumaniya, and Chirine runs a small amphibious invasion.


The "Spots The Space Amrine" front has been quiet, hence no update yesterday, and I am sending my copy of the book off to the author for autographing. I have been sneaking peeks, and I like what I'm reading.

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