Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fun in the swamps!

The party advances towards the potato chips.

Oce aagin, the nice IKEA table cloths ran red with blood as Our Heroes explored a small island near Penom. They ran afoul of some of the local wildlife, and got a very sharp and messy reminder that humans are not at the top of the food chain on Tekumel. Two dead, several wounded, and lots of fun for everyone.

As there was some confusion about the specifics of the marching order and the deployment of the players, I got out some suitable figures and a few loose trees to make things easier for players and GM. These are my favorites for depicting player - characters, the "Dead Earth" figures from David Soderberg at Bronze Age Miniatures. I love these figures; dynamic poses, open hands on many for custom weapons, and fun to paint. They have a lot of the indefinable quality I call 'charm' in miniatures, and I'm very find of them.

For those amused by such details, the ground cover on the Litko 30mm round plywood bases is glued-down used tea granules from the tea-maker of Mrs. Ambereen Barker. There may be a little of that old Professor M. A. R. Barker DNA mixed in there, letting Phil grace the miniatures table; I'd like to think so, as I think it would amuse the heck out of him. Jon Till has more photos at his "Fate SF" blog; I believe there's a link to him over in the left-hand column.

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