Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Weekly Update for Sunday, March 10th, 2013

Yes, it's an 'Eye'.
Yes, it 'works'.

A very fun game session yesterday - see the previous post! - and a good time.  I'd been asked for some reference photos of an 'Eye', those handy technological devices of the Ancients, so I dug out the prototype of the 'working' ones that I'd made some years ago. The 'real' ones are a ceramic / metallic silvery-grey, but I paint 'em after I make and test 'em.


Very, very tired this week after the recent storms; I'm good on the blood pressure, but the old stamina just isn't there in the winter's cold. Really looking forward to warm weather!!! Still in the 'normal human' range on the BP, so I won't complain.


The three 'Ancient Egyptian Harem Girls from the Mike Burns Indiegogo campaign have arrived, as I may have mentioned, and are now on their bases and waiting for warmer weather to be primered and then painted. I am really fond of these figures, and you can see painted examples of them at:

This gallery also has some great photos of the actual molds being used, as well as some concept art and sculpts for future releases in this range.

The girls are 'true 25 mm' as they stand on their bases; 25 mm from bottom of foot to the eye level, and about 27 - 28 mm tall over-all. They are very petite figures, but look good next to the figures that Howard Fielding of the Tekumel Project is producing; these are supposed to be petite girls, after all, no strapping warrior princesses.

Wonderful figures, and I can't wait to paint them!


  1. I probably should have gotten in on that indigogo, but didn't. Do you know if they, and or the concepts shown at the link, will be commercially available at some point? I can't quite make out who is making them..

    1. It's a guy named Mike Burns in Leeds, UK, and I think he's planning on making them available as part of a larger range. I'll e-mail him and see if there are any more sets available, and see about getting him in touch with you.

      Great to have seen you at Con of the North, too!!!