Sunday, March 31, 2013

Weekly Update for Sunday, March 31st, 2013

The "Indiegogo Girls", from Mike Burns in Leeds;
On the job as Sitre, Menwi, and Ten'er from
"To Serve The Petal Throne".

Warmer weather has finally arrived, and with it the demolition of the Game Room and the Game Lounge here at the little house has been done with speed and dispatch. We're facing an absolute deadline of June 17th, 2013 to get the rooms rebuilt and ready; our wonderful daughter is arriving from Zurich with her equally wonderful husband, and we need a place to store them in between social engagements and game sessions. So, out with the old! In with the new! And, I think it'll be quite comfortable. Torch lamp sconses from IKEA, 81mm mortar bombs from the Imperial Japanese Army (collected the hard way by my dad in New Guinea in 1944) turned into lamps, rugs, mats, comfy cushions, and even a small fridge - it's just like a truly bizarre hotel room!


In medical news, I am still stable. Exhausted, but stable. The Missus, who had her birthday yesterday, is stable, but at a very low level. We aren't dead yet, not by a long shot.


Mike Burns has had to delay the opening of his new edition of his Indiegogo campaign due to an attack on one of the sculptors, Kevin Adams; you can get the latest news about both the campaign and how Kevin is doing at:

I really enjoyed painting these figures, and I like them; they have what I call "charm". They are a little petite, being 'true 25mm' figures, but that works for them in my games as they're supposed to be serving girls in their late teens. The smaller size makes that clear on the game table.

The figures are very nice; crisp and clean, and they primed and painted up almost by themselves. Bases are my usual Litko plywood, with the usual tempera paint; some white glue brushed on and a dip in the golden sands of Aegyptus, and Ptolomy's your uncle!


While poking around in the game room and the game lounge, I've come across all sorts of wild and wonderful stuff. Aside from the plush Vringalu that I had gotten for Phil during his last illness from IKEA, as well as my own plush Vringalu (IKEA) and Hmellu (The Missus) and The Missus' collections of all her old unpainted RAFM "Dr. Who" and "Elfquest" figures in their original boxes, I was delighted to see once again the really neat "Meso-American Temple City" from Stonehouse Miniatures. (It was on top of the crate where the model of Castle Tilketl is stored.)

If you haven't looked at their website, may I suggest having a good long look at their 'Aztec / Mayan' section? The main page is at:

The photos of the Temple City set on the site really do not do the set justice! We have the large BR-119 set, with a lot of extras from the rest of the line, and it's really been extremely useful in our games. The pyramids are modular, as is the entire set, and hollow - I've used them with interior details from various sources, and they work really well in games. The entire set is well-thought-out, very - infinitely, almost! - modular, and finished quite nicely; it can be used 'as is' right out of the box. The set is also molded from expanded foam and very light and easy to transport; detail items like the stairways and sacrificial altars are cast in resin for durability, but are still very light and handy.


I also found the 114" Sakbe Road, the one for the table for the Battle of Anch'ke, as well as the large 240" Sakbe Road set. I ask you; who but Yours Truly would have two Sakbe Road sets in stock?

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