Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Weekly Update for Sunday, April 28th, 2013

Phil, hanging about with Undesirable People, 1987

It has been a very busy week, here at the Workbench - we're starting the run-up / pre-show work for the June 8th Braunstein game at The Source Comics and Games, and I am going to have a very busy month ahead of me. The big push will be for this week, as I have to get flyers for the game done and printed, and then off to the store for them to post and distribute. After that it gets easier; most of the game is a 'pre-packed' scenario, with the terrain and scenery already built and packed into my preferred plastic tubs. The miniatures are in their storage bins / drawers already, after a long week of sorting and repacking, so all I'll need to do is pull the bins and put them in the large transport boxes we have on hand. With a little luck, I will also have more of Howard Fielding's wonderful figures from his Tekumel Project to show off to people, and I'm really looking forward to that!


Great game session yesterday, as the players in Rob's Tekumel campaign discovered why one does not go blindly into dark rooms without looking up. I really must get Amada Dee's wonderful 'Cardboard Heroes' versions of the Kayi assembled; we could have used them, yesterday.


I had a doctors' visit yesterday, and I am - they say - doing fine. My next visit, assuming that my bloop pressure stays in the 'human normal' range, is in six months. The current medication regime is working nicely, from what I gather, and the medical folks seem happy with my progress.

Much warmer weather has finally arrived, much to my delight, and I've been well enough to actually get up and have a 'normal' day yesterday - why, I even got all of my flock of pink plastic lawn flamingoes back up on their spindly wire legs and placed front-and-center on the lawn. This past winter has been very hard on both myself and the flamingoes - way too cold, and way too much dense heavy snow. All of the snow is now gone, all of the flamingoes are back up in all their tasteless glory, and It's finally Spring.

Heck, I might be well enough to finally GM again!


As mentioned in our last installment, the game room is finally rebuilt. I still have to slap a coat of paint on the walls, to cover / disguise the tacky fake panelling, but that's easy. The van will get down-loaded and repacked during the good weather, this coming month, and then the game lounge will be clear for the impending visit of my wonderful kids, Kerry and Zhodi.

Along the way, I have completely unloaded and reloaded the shelves full of miniatures; I am in the throes of doing a full and complete reorganization of all the miniatures collection, including the scenery and terrain bins. The idea is to reorganize the collection to function more efficiently during game sessions, and to make the game sessions flow more smoothly and the process of gaming more efficient. I like miniatures, but one of the problems that a number of people have with them is that the process of playing with them can often get in the way of playing with them.

So, the concept is to have the figures organized so that instead of - for example - getting Captain Harchar and his three mates out of one bin, and his rascally crew of reprobates out of another, one simply goes to the "Sailors and Marines" bin drawer and gets all of them in one fell swoop. (I can think of some customs officers who'd like to be able to do this.) Likewise, all of the player-character groups are now in their own bins; and, just because I can, all of the leading lights from my book "To Serve The Petal Throne" are now in their own bin. It's a lot easier to find stuff now, and I'm pretty dang pleased.


Speaking of "To Serve The Petal Throne", I have updated the page in the left-hand column with the FAQ's and other information. Please do feel free to ask me more about this project, too!

I am currently in the midst of the Yan Koryani storming Castle Tilketl, with Korunme leading the desperate defense and Our Hero figuring out just where the 'secret' 'hidden' postern and escape tunnel is in the keep of the place. Dinner with Baron Ald, Lord Fsu Shi, and Lady Deq Dimani impends with after-dinner fisticuffs for your amusement.

Also on tap, Harchar gets shipwrecked due to what he claimed were 'navigational issues' (Dave Arneson was a good sailor, but a lousy navigator, and ran smack into the Southern Continent) and Chirine and Si Ni'te continue their obsession with hot baths. I have started on The Big Battles, as well as a small war or two; this is for those of you who are not as taken with hot baths as Our Hero is.

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