Sunday, May 19, 2013

Readers' Requests and the Weekly Update for Sunday, May 19th, 2013

Table set up in the game room; Ahoggya in primer
The current work lot; Tinaliya, Swamp Folk, Ahoggya, Hlutrgu, Qol

Swamp Folk and Pygmy Folk

Tinaliya! (And a few Pygmy Folk)
We're very photo-heavy today; I had a few people write in and ask what things here at The Workbench looked like when I was working on something. Normally, I do everything on the actual workbench, but the vast numbers involved with the Ahoggya and getting ready for the June game really required more space. So, I set up one of the tables in the game room, and you can see what I'm in the middle of.

What a mess, eh?

As you can see, I'm experimenting with a 40mm round base, instead of the 40mm square base I used in "Qadardalikoi', because it came to me recently that Ahoggya really have no flanks. So, now that I can get round bases from Litko Aerospace, why not base figures a little more intellegently. It's also been over thirty years since I wrote the rules in the first place, so a few nods to the evolving technology of gaming might be in order...


I continue to be in decent health; I just have to be careful about over-extending myself. Getting back to projects like this has been a big help!


The Qol palanquins, from Howard Fielding, are a scream. I will do better reviews of all the wonderful figures we're seeing from him later this week. In the meantime, click on the link over in the left-hand column and have a look!!!


  1. Very nice - now that is a horde of Ahoggyá!

    1. Thanks!

      I'd agree; I tend to buy in lots of twenty, so as to have enough of anything to run any possible scenarios. These are great figures - crisp, clean, and easy to build. I love the way they look, and they are still just in flat white primer!

      I love doing this!!!

      yours, chirine

  2. They look great en masse! Looking forward to seeing them on the tabletop!