Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Weekly Update For Sunday, September 29th, 2013 - Back in action!

Sample page frame from Mr. Maggi

The first bit of big news from The Workbench for this week is that I have been very busy taking all of the miniature figures out of their bins / trays where I keep them and completely reorganizing the collection from the ground up. I've got over thirty years' worth of lead sitting around, and it was time for a really good housecleaning. I have taken a lot of the 'substitute' and 'proxy' figures out of active game service, and they'll get a bath in my paint stripper of choice and be evaluated for future use. The rough inventory count says that we're at about 5,000 figures in the collection; I'll see if I can refine that further and have better numbers for you - and pictures, too!


The second bit of big news is that my book, "To Serve The Petal Throne". about gaming with Phil - "Prof. Barker, but call me Phil!" - is now within touching distance of the first milestone of the first 100,000 words. I'm at 96,260 on the word count today, and steaming right along. I've also been reorganizing the book to make it very, very clear that the book is made up of little vignettes and short stories - and not one huge, indigestible lump of prose. I'm redoing the Table of Contents to make it easier to locate specific events in the time line, and I suspect I'll add an index to the thing to make it easy for readers to find all the people, places, and things we ran into over the dozen or so years that we gamed with Phil.


I have now finished a three-week run of football home games, and will have the next three weekends off. I expect great deeds to be done. Youngest Daughter Maya will be visiting from Zurich, and we'll be entertaining a guest from the United Kingdom next week. More on all of this, as the situation develops, of course.


  1. I suddenly became very interested in your book :)

  2. Good! I think you'll find it interesting! :)

    yours, chirine