Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Weekly Update for Sunday, October 27th, 2013 - The Reviews Are In!

Yours Truly, in 25mm, with deck chair and lunch

This week's update will be short and concise: I've been spending my time this past week primarily responding to comments and e-mails about the podcast I did last Saturday, and which is up on both and You Tube for your amusement. (For links to both sites, scroll down the left-hand column - the links are at the bottom of the column.) The 'reviews' have all been very positive; people seem to like what I have to say, and I have gotten quite a few requests for things I should talk about. I'll get those sorted, and publish a list of the future podcasts where I'll talk about them.

There will be two podcasts in November; one on the day of our regular RPG session, and one on the day I'll be running a miniatures game for folks; I'll have those dates for you a little later on this week, as things get firmed up. I think the same pattern will repeat in December, as we have both RPG sessions and a miniatures game coming up over the holidays. Again, I'll post the dates well in advance.

All of the podcasts will be up on both Qik and You Tube; the live 'casts will be on Qik only, as that's the way the little 'Bloggie' works.


In a related development, I will try to do a regular Friday Night 'Google hang-out'; I'm on Google Plus, and one of the requests that came in was for a regular question and answer session for people. We'll give this a try, and see what happens. More news on this as I get it!


I will try to have a calendar for the upcoming 'campaign year' for all of you as soon as I can; I'm trying to get a few dates nailed down, an as soon as I do I'll have that for you. Thanks for your patience!

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