Monday, November 25, 2013

Problems in Governing, or, Storming Hekellu So We have Someplace To Sleep Tonight

Phil's map of Hekellu;
the New Palace is the large building in the center of the city.

What with all the excitement over U-Con and the wonderful Google+ hangout I got to participate in (and the clogged laundry tub drain - oh, the joys of being a homeowner!) I clean forgot to tell everyone about the game I'm running this coming Saturday, November 30th, here at The Workbench...

This is a replay of one of the nastiest game sessions Phil ever threw at us; the background is that the Seal Imperium had appointed Lord Takodai hi Vriddi as the new Imperial Governor of Hekellu, with Yours Truly as his military commander. We got sent off with a whole two cohorts of the legion of Hnalla, Master of Light, which amounted to 800 heavy infantry - we figured that somebody in the legion had upset somebody in the Imperium. Lord Takodai also managed to persaude his clan-elders to send along 600 of his Vriddi clan-cousins as additional troops, which gave us 600 medium infantry. There was also the usual baggage train of carts, palanquins, and player-characters.

We arrived at the city to find it:
a) in turmoil, with a riot going on;
b) in flames, with the old palace in ruins and the new one in flame;
c) in revolt, with the previous Imperial Governor missing;
d) in penury, with the Provincial Treasury missing;
e) in dire peril, with the hordes of tribal warriors of the Young Master about to arrive;
f) in confusion, as most of the clans and Temples had their own agenda for how to rule the city.

Our job, like it or not, was to restore Imperial rule to the place.

First, though, we had to get in.

So, one player's job it to get into the city; another player's job is to keep them out; and all the rest of the players are wild cards, making and breaking deals and alliances with the first two.

Chirine: "Shall we?"
Narkhodlan: "Oh, yes, let's!"

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