Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Weekly Update for Sunday, November 10th, 2013 - Logistics and Sustainability in the Domain Game

No, sorry; not a preview of the 11/30/13 game...

Lots of news, today; first, the dates of my next two podcasts using the 'Bloggie' will be this coming Satuday, November 16th and again on Saturday, November 30th. I will try to answer some of the questions you've been sending me on the 16th, and talk about playing Tekumel miniatures on the 30th. Live broadcasts at one, uploads to both Qik and You Tube will follow right away.


The 'scenario' for the 11/30/13 game will come from Prof. Barker's game sessions - the night we had to fight our way into Hekellu with 600 Vriddi and very little else. It got 'interesting'.


By and large, all of the changes - both major and minor! - to the game rooms have now been completed; I am now in the final throes of cleaning up my actual workbench, which has been sadly neglected for almost three years. I have to admit that the past three years have not been kind to us, here at The Workbench, but - like the plague victim in the cart - "I'm getting better!"


As part of the changes to way we do things, here at The Workbench, I have retired all of the 'disposable' things like cups, plates, napkins, and suchlike in favor of more permanent versions; the idea is to take the money I spend on the former and redirect it into the actual gaming. While it has certainly been easier on me personally to simply toss everything in the trash after game sessions as I clean up the game room, I think that for the long term - which I tend to think in, anyway - it's going to be better to use the plates, cups, mugs, and other things that can be simply tossed in the washer / dishwasher. And it makes for a nicer environment, too; back in the day in Phil's basement, we didn't have it so good; we 'roughed it', and we looked like the left-overs from an invading horde. No wonder Ambereen kept us in the basement! :)


As I type away on my book, "To Serve The Petal Throne", I realized that almost all of Book Five -"The Golden Seal" - is about what many people refer to as 'the domain game', from the earliest versions of D & D. One of the basic assumptions in the old games - I speak here of the ones run my such as Dave Arneson and Gary Gygax, amongst other such early innovators - was that we were all going 'adventuring' to get the money to start/buy/steal our own little fief or city-state and so make lots more money by extorting - er. that's 'taxing' - the locals. While I was doing a little editing on the book, I realized that we'd spent the better part of three whole real-time years trying to run the Imperial fiefs of the city and provence of Hekellu and the Chagari Protectorate - with varying degrees of success, I might add; we were always short of resources and long on 'adventure', so it got very 'interesting' at times.

Speaking as the Imperial official who had to do the practical work, I realized that I had spent a lot of time worrying - read 'obsessing' - over the care and feeding of what troops we had. This turned into, as it often did with Phil, a long and very fun excursion into how real-world logistics, economics, and viability influenced his world. I'll be writing a lot more about it in the book, and I'll try to cover it during the November 16th podcast.


  1. I have watched your first podcast twice now on youtube, and really enjoyed it!

    Can't wait for the next installment!