Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Weekly Update for Sunday, November 24, 2013 - I have seen the future...

Screen capture by Peter Robbins from Friday's U-Con
Google+ Hangout for the "Joyful Sitting Amongst Friends" event;
That's the Gold of Imperial Glory" I got for winning the Battle of Anch'ke.
My word!!! It has been a very busy week, here at The Workbench!

We got all of Amanda Dee's wonderful (and downloadable!) 'cardboard heroes' for Tekumel made, and sent off to U-Con in Ann Arbor with Mr. Slocum and Mr. Till for use in their Tekumel RPGs. Lovely stuff, and a o lot of fun to make. See also the posts on the Tekumel Yahoo group for these; I think they're in the 'Files' section.

We participated in a Google+ Hangout video teleconference on Friday with the folks at U-Con; they do a 'meet and greet' event called the "Joyful Sitting Amongst Friends" where Tekumel fans can sit and talk, and this year George Hammond and John Till figured out a way to use Google+ to allow people to come and participate remotely. I had a very good time, and enjoyed myself immensely; I'll look forward to more of these. Peter Robbins was kind enough to take a few snapshots while I was giving a very impromptu tour of the game room, and you can see these on his recent Google+ post. I have included one of these above, with his permission, to provide a teaser of what the future can be...

Along those lines, the new and upgraded computer we've gotten for doing live and interactive video is now here in the office, and is up and running. The Missus will be working on the software, and our goal is to allow us to do conferences and virtual gaming from here at The Workbench so folks can come and visit / play without all that driving or flying. I'll keep everyone posted on our progress, of course.

Today's excitement has been that the laundry room washtub drain is clogged, but I suspect you folks will not be too interested in that... :)


  1. Eagerly awaiting the day or night we can game again.

  2. Thanks for all your support for the games we ran at U-Con! It was a really great time, with so many remarkable Tekumel GMs and players!

  3. I thought it was an incredible conversation. Just a real treat to hear the stories of gaming with Phil. It was also nice to hear from Victor Raymond what the Tekumel Foundation was working towards, Bethorm from Jeff Dee, and what other Tekumel lovers were working on personally. I really think Tekumel is reaching a new pinnacle. I look forward to both your book on gaming with Dr. Barker and the new miniatures rules edition you are working on.